How many times have you gotten copy and thought what in the world am I supposed to do with this!! Great VOs start with great copy. This group is for those who write and voice, those who want to become better writers or those who need to vent.
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  • Greetings! I'm so glad this group is here. I've recently been working with a radio group doing copy writing and I when I work out how much time it really takes to write a good spot (consult, research, writing, re-writing, posting for production or producing myself and so on....I'm thinking that I'm working too cheep and need to re-negotiate. I am open to suggestions!
  • I'm new to this gig, but all of my life have been pathologically creative. I am now putting my words where my mouth is as a voice over talent, but can't help here those voices in my head with ideas for copy. Looking forward to being a part of this group with other pathologically creative people.
  • I invite everyone to take a look at the new website that promotes the use of voice-over on websites. If nothing else it is worth a chuckle or two. I welcome evryones comments.
    Jerry Bader, MRPwebmedia
  • I love the idea behind this group! I've recently been selling my clients on writing/voicing packages. It only takes me a little extra time to write, which I end up making up in the voice booth.
  • Hi All,

    Thought this would be a good fit for me as I am still in the trenches of VO were the talent is many times asked to write, produce, and voice the scripts. There are definitely tried and tested techniques to writing good copy, and know what follows and sells in tough markets.

    Talk Soon,
  • Nice to be aboard. Cheers
  • Did Lisa ever tell us about her experience at the International Radio Creative and Production Summit? Well? DISH, GIRL! We want all the sordid information you learned!
  • I ... I ... I ... don't know what to say.
  • Two words for better copywriting...WIZARD ACADEMY!!!
  • For those interested, I am attending the INTERNATIONAL RADIO CREATIVE & PRODUCTION SUMMIT in August specifically for copywriters, advertising professionals, producers and voice actors. I am especially jazzed to hear Dan O'Day's presentation and the always fabulous Pat Fraley's segment. Should be highly informational - I'll let you know what I learn!
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