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  • I like adobe audition cs5.5
  • I'm listening to some demo material from Duane Richard... interesting....
    Anyway... I'm always fascinated by folks who use SONY VEGAS for audio production. Is it the older version? I have VEGAS 7 and use it extensively for video storyboarding and paste up....
    I think SONY ACID PRO 7 is way cooler...but I'm intrigued at the reason you specify VEGAS. is it for audio alone?
  • I use Pro-Tools at the office (because I HAVE to) but have been using Vegas for everything else. I can only imagine how fast things could be turned around at work...WAY more efficient than PT or AA in my opinion.
  • check out http://audacity.sourceforge.net It's easy and FREE.
  • I completely agree with you Kevin. For dry voice I like to use WaveLab (from Stainberg), because it allows you to have your plug-ins over the audio without applying them, but the editing is not the fastest.
    Do you know other software that can do something similar? (not pro tools please).
  • Armando,
    I have used them all. I have to say that Vegas is the best. What I do is close the video parts and only use the audio, to me it seems the it make vegas stronger and quicker. If I am only doing dry reads Cool edit 2.1 is my work horse.
  • Hello,
    I've used Pro Tools and AA, both really good, but my favorite of all times is Sony Vegas. Very user friendly and to me, it helps do everything much faster on the multitrack. It doesn't have an internal processor, but I can go back and forth from my preferred editor like AA or Sound Forge.Plus the rendering on Sony Vegas is really fast. ANY ONE ELSE USING SONY VEGAS?
  • Jeff, I have both Adobe Audition & Pro-Tools. For day to day stuff, AA works great. It opens quick and you can be in & out in minutes. I've found that AA can be as complex or basic as you want it to be. And it incorporates many of the best plug-ins very well. I find myself using Pro-tools for larger complex projects or for reoccurring projects that involve many elements.
    But in this day and age, there are LOTS of editors out there and many of them good. So it's whatever you get used to.
  • I do most of my work with audition on an XP machine, but I also have it on my Vista laptop for those rare times when I have to edit when outside of the studio and I've never had any conflicts with Audition and Vista.
  • Im thinking about upgrading to a newer computer (PC). I've heard a rumor that Adobe Audition does not work on Windows Vista (Im using XP now). Any truth to that? Any Audition users out there that are using AA on Vista?

    Thanks! BW
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