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  • I love the art of production. That is how I view it "an ART". When I produce a spot or promo. My goal is for the listeners to notice something different every time they hear the spot. Like Al. B said "'theater of the mind".
  • The term "production" to me means assembling voice, music and/or FX together in such a way that the listener "sees" with their ears what these elements combined convey. Some call it 'theater of the mind". I call it "eargasm."
  • Production is the 'Art' of putting together various elements (audio and/or visual) to make the listener/viewer feel like their part of the experience.
    Producer....is someone who gets all the principals together to make the project happen.

    My 2.5 cents. lol
  • efx (explosion) (sfx) sqeeking door (sfx) foot steps.. VO I am here.. and production is what I do to put a lil extra money in my pocket. I must say the over produced spots are just pleasing to other prodution people.. you are right about the "regular" listener not caring.. (sfx) explosion..
  • I believe that production is all about "theatre of the mind". Making something unfold and come alive inside somebodie's mind, helping them see the product or event thats being advertised without smothering the message. even though im guilty of this myself, I really hate over produced radio imaging. When a PD wants so much crap, I mean FX, Reverbs, drops (yo, Whaaaaddduupp) and corny crap like that, you have no clue what is actually being said. For some reason the industry is hungry for this over produced crap, and i'm wondering how long it will take them before they firgure out that the listener doesnt pay any attention what so ever to a cluttered mess. i.e. (station voice guy in all caps, all other..inserts) "Th..th..th..THIS IS".."yo"..."COMMERCIAL"..."I love this startion!"..FREE....yes sir.. HIP HOP...You Know it!..and R&B..My Station...HOT...So hot...100" You know what im talking about right?
  • You are always going to run across audio purists that want little or no processing at all, but in the real world, things sound awfully flat and dead without it. Downside is that if you add any processing, FX, reverb, etc, they can't remove it on the other end! The customer is always right!
  • Need a little love....most mics, unless you get into Joe Cipriano type mics, don't give a complete 100% sound that you want. I personally just tweek with a litle bottom and finish with a simple Processing Effect. Just enough...

  • As a voice talent that rarely produces, I personally can not give away my signature sound on promos without a little compression. Which do you prod freaks prefer most, completely dry (nothing) or processed?
  • Hi all, just joined...I especially like the comment about over effects use in Imaging. I am the Creative Services Director at WJLB-FM and WMXD-FM in Detroit. We are tottally against the "Star Spangled Explosion" of Imaging. My approach is spend all that time on Copy Writing and Production won't take but a few minutes.
  • Hi from New York...
    Love good production...shakin' and bakin'
    Rompin' and stompin.
    But I mostly don't do it -- so I joined up to learn from you mugs.
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