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  • Reflecting on a world changed and innocence lost 11 years ago. Love and prayers to all those who lost a loved one on that horrible day. My prayers are with you. My heart may weigh less than a pound, it may seem small and fragile, but it is mighty and strong and can help you shoulder your pain. If I could I would gladly absorb your grief for a while so that you could find some peace. With love and healing energy I am holding a special place for all of you today.

  • I'd appreciate your prayers for an old high school friend who's husband has a brain hemorrhage and is on life support. May God bring her peace and a miracle.

  • Penny, it's always wonderful having the opportunity to celebrate you! Congratulations on celebrating your 14th Anniversary at the VoiceActing Academy. As you and Jim celebrate your sharing 14 wonderful years working together, we celebrate the incredible gifts that you and Jim have brought to the voice acting community. Congratulations once again! May the best be yet to come!

  • Congratulations Penny! That is great!  Here's to many many more years of following your passion.Cheers!

  • Hey! I just realized today is the 14 Year Anniversary of me starting full-time at The VoiceActing Academy! WOW! Time sure flies when you're having fun! I'm so glad I made the decision to take a "leap of faith" and leave a full-time, high paying, benefit heavy job and follow my PASSION! I have never looked back with even one regret! And I've never worried for even a moment about having "enough." It's just always been there.

    And working with James R. Alburger has been incredible! It's not often in life that you find someone with whom you are so evenly matched. Jim is one of the nicest and most talented and generous men I have ever met. No, it doesn't happen often - and it's happened to me TWICE. First, with my sweet husband, Les and then again with Jim, my very bestest friend! I guess lightning CAN strike twice! 

    Not to mention all the wonderful people (like all of you) whom I have met and worked with along the way! All the cool clients I have done work for, all the students I have taught, all the amazing VO pros who have helped to make our VOICE events so incredible......... Wow. Yes, I am indeed (and without any doubt) enormously blessed! Here's to at least another 14! Let's see that will make me............. well, 14 years older!

  • Praying for a speedy recovery and quick healing for you Martha.

  • Hi Martha, I hope each day is better and you become stronger. To Ann, hope today is smoother for you and that Elgin the dog heals easily without complications.

  • Here's to the trail of recovery Martha,  all the positive thoughts and white light are coming your way-the Universe will have you doing the cha cha in no time.

  • Wishing you, Martha, and you, Ann an easier journey today through your respective difficulties. White light around the both of you!

  • Gosh that's tough Ann. Good luck. Do hope Elgin is doing well.Take care.

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