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  • White light around you both. Plenty of water and rest (what a concept!) and believe it or not, if you're not adverse to it, a real good chicken soup has incredible restorative powers. Take care, listen to your body, get well soon.

  • So sorry to hear, Penny! My husband has a bad cold too:( Praying for ALL of you to be well SOON!! XO
  • Wow, I can feel it already! Keep 'em coming! Great advice everyone. I so appreciate you!
  • Two words -- J a c k  D a n i e l s !

  • ... I see a healthy class in your future!

    See it... Be it...

    (and 2 nasal rinses per day plus plenty of fluids can't hurt either ;-)

  • Penny, You and your husband are being sent much light and positive energy!! May you feel loads better and be back on track for your weekend worship this weekend. Take good care!

  • Penny, sending you & your husband lots of healing thoughts! Raw apple cider vinegar mixed with raw honey always works wonders for me. You'll be well soon! Love & hugs
  • Prayers for strength, healing and peace. Prayers for the confidence that all will be well, it will be.

  • Penny, I am praying for you and your husband to have a speedy recovery.  Stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.  Take some extra vitamin C supplements.  Tylenol Sinus/Allergy should help with any fever, stuffiness and runny nose (I'm also a physician!).  All the best to you and your husband.

  • Sending good thoughts your way Penny!  SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP as much as you can and visualize yourself healthy and giving a FABULOUS workshop! 

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