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  • Thanks Andrew and Penny wishing you great health and lots of v/o successes.

  • That's very good news, Earl. I am happy you are progressing nicely AND that you've got exciting jobs coming in! Keep it up, my friend!

  • That's great news Earl. I'm so pleased things are going well for you.

  • Yes had my follow-up with my DR/SURGEON and he is pleased how I am healing. the surgery is successful. Now I need 3 more weeks of recovery before back to gradual regular routine. Thanks for your prayers.

    One day after the surgery I had another European project which i voiced the following wed. I am not working now but I love to do and a few voice related things during the day. It's not work its love and passion.

    Expecting a script for a business message soon and confirmation on my European project. Wishing you a great day love your beautiful new pitcure you always look great.

  • And all is well, Earl?

  • I am grateful for successful day surgery on June 15 and for my friends who have helped with laundry, meals and grocery shoping

  • Here's a blog about the scholarship fund Anne mentioned earlier for Andrew and his family AND the chance to participate in an auction to receive Natalie Cooper's 50,000th tweet - for the same cause.

    Social media – time to make a difference

    Please take action, and also share!!

  • What a fantastic gesture Anne. Andrew, my heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family. I will spread the word about the fundraiser.
  • I'm so very humbled about this, I'm just lost for words. Thank you!

  • Hi all!  Just a note to Please use only the http://blog.vopeeps.com/p/donate-scholarship-fund.html for any donations for the Swingler Family.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the direct link (the bit.ly Sandra Swingler one) will not work and issue you a refund instead.  We have contacted tech support for resolution of this problem.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at anne@vopeeps.com!  Thank you so much!

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