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  • Dear Pat -

    Honoring what is good and special in you, helps us to see what is good and special in ourselves.  You are not only a purveyor of knowledge, but of light as well.  Shine on!

    With heartfelt thanks and admiration,


  • I just read the generous comments made of me. I am grateful, but want to share that there really is nothing good or special in me. The reason I do what I do struck me on the plane returning from the event in Calgary:  8490066456?profile=originalIt was Easter Sunday. PF 

  • Pat Fraley: Talented, Knowledgeable, Amazing sense of humour, caring and honest with scads of integrity. No wonder I admire the man so much.

  • Pat Fraley - one of the most generous human beings on the planet.  Not only did he donate his time and cover his expenses for this event, he is flying Nicole and her mom down to LA to be seen at Cedars Sinai.  And only God knows what else he has done for Nicole and probably countless others that we will never hear about.  That man needs a community award Penny!


  • Wow Doug!!  That is not only a fabulous opportunity for YOU, but am amazing gift from Mr Fraley!  I emailed him a while ago just to get on his mailing list, and was shocked when he wrote me back and had a few questions for ME!  He also was so kind to send me his book.  Incredible man! 

  • Hi all,

    Wanted to let you know about the wonderful event that Pat Fraley presented in Calgary this past weekend.  He did a day long VO learning session based solely on donations to help out a fellow voice artist who is in need of expensive medical treatment.  I was fortunate enough to attend and, while the learning was incredible, it was the man himself I went to see to say thank you for that most precious gift - his gift of time.  We often hear about how giving the VO community is - here is another example of that from one of our brightest lights.  Thanks Pat.


  • Hello Everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend. My 1st memories, I use to put on puppet shows for the neighbors, make tickets,write shows, market. my cousins and I would preform. I was in the 4th or 5th grade when I did that, I wrote a play about the civil war and I got my 1st singing solo in school choir. I was busy in the 5th grade. :) 

  • I echo Karen's' 'Thanks Andy for the walk down memory lane" My first memory of performance was when my sister and I performed  parts of scenes from Shakespeare's A Midsummer's night dream for our Mum and Dad .Naturally we were fairies- my sister was six and I was eight. I can't believe we actually memorised stuff like "I know a bank wheron the wild thyme blows!" We got ourselves all decked out in tutus and flowers and had candles to pretend limelight!!! We thought we were the cat's pajamas!!  :-) and of course to our parent's we were.!!!! We also did something from Twelth Night but I can't for the life of me remember. Thank goodness I don't have to memorise much any more!!!!!!

  • Hi Penny, thanks for the "I Hope You Dance" words... Always loved them... The video was great too... Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend (whether or not you celebrate Easter).
  • Thank you Penny, very beautiful sending you love and hugs God bless you lots.

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