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  • This is SOOO clever! I too, wish my brain could come up with such things. I am going to re-create this for our grandkids. They will howl:))!

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    Just sliced apples, peanut butter and miniature marshmallows. How clever is this???? I LOVE clever people! Whenever I see something like this I think, "That's so simple - why the heck didn't I think of it?" Then I remember, God doesn't give all of us the same talents. I should just be grateful he gave me the ones I have and appreciate the ones he gave to others!

  • I have ALWAYS been impressed by Pat Fraley, not only for his exceptional talents as an actor and teacher, but as a kind and compassionate person. He is a wonderful and humble individual! Pat, you definitely deserve many accolades.

  • God Bless you Pat Fraley for caring for others. Yesterday was a difficult day and I thank God for Him helping me to cont. Also for today in keep on going when i felt down and then made a positive business connection x2 . Setting up for wed. it's not all bout business but connecting and I hear others care and it helps a lot. There needs to be more God bless you for what u do to care for others.  It all comes back to bless you more as God will bless you. 

  • Wow! What a busy night for Positive Thinkers!! (Well, evening in the Americas!)... Looking forward to seeing Pat Fraley again at VOICE 2012!

    Great to see those first/early performance experiences.... keep them coming! Mine was age 4 as a policeman in a sketch, stopping a car going the wrong way down a street - I had to say, "Stop! Didn't you see the arrows?"

    Jennifer, I wonder how Shakespeare would have said that ;-)

  • EEEK - excuse the apostrophe in "says".   And please don't tell my daughter.  As lovers of grammar jokes, I would never hear the end of it!

  • Did I mention that, if you look up humility in the dictionary, it say's "See Pat Fraley"?

  • Pat - count me in as a fan of the man and the talent. I have memories of classes full of laughter and learning. I have a passel of phrases and tricks to help me with each read.

  • I deserve death, but I'm taking the accolade.

  • Of I had but one wish, it would be to someday be half as good a teacher as my good friend, Pat. You deserve every accolade! God bless you, sir!
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