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  • Penny! I'm so glad to have read your story tonight ~ we are kindred spirits, indeed.  I have been doing part time VO work for over 20 years, and am just now working on following my calling full time.  I, too, am working at a very worthy job as a VA Benefits Administrator at a well-known university, but every day, I know I'm not pursuing my dream.  They are now looking for my replacement & I'll be taking the leap to full timing it soon!  My husband of 28 years thinks I'm a bit nuts, but he says, "happy wife, happy life" and is resigned to the fact I need to follow my heart.  Hoping within a couple of years he, too, will be bragging about me!  Can't wait to meet you at VOICE 2012!  See you soon!

  • Just seen this story - it's incredible! 


  • Thanks Penny!  Nah... seems to be minor.  Just taking good care of the voice. :o)

    Hope you feel better too!

  • Big Healing Hug for you (and one for Les too) :) Get Well Soon!!!! 

  • Oh, I hope it's not the same one, Moe! This is miserable! Get better soon!

    Thanks everyone for your warm wishes and healing energy. I don't know I'd do without ya!


  • I caught your cold Penny!  haha.

    Huge audiobook deadline coming up so pushing thru...

  • Sending prayers and mega positive vibes for you and your husband stat!!!  :)

  • Healing prayers your way!!!

  • Thinking of you!

  • Ugh!Nasty.Lots of warm water,lemon and honey and lots of sleep/rest. You are getting better already.You will breeze through your presentation and shine.

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