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  • Thanks Vanessa. The whole time I was away I dreamed about getting back into my studio. I was so worried that being away so long I would lose my momentum but now I am so STOKED to be working with you AND getting a chance to reunite with everyone from V10 at V12.

    I’ve my PTU pin out ready to wear!!!

  • Yippee Kerry!!!! Can't wait to meet you! I know we've only had one session - but I'm blown away by your talent - you're going to have a wonderful ride my friend :) Yippee VOICE 2012!!

  • Good News though I am waiting to hear back from 2 potential clients. A script arrived and he agreed to a fair price. A busy week with at least 4 networking events. A miracle this week finally I rec'd a yes from a talent agent. I have rec'd 2 calls from her and I was submitted for the first time for an audition.  Thank you Penny and everyone for your support. It really does get better.

  • I just found out that my leave request has made it up the the Commanding Officer's desk.  I should have my leave pass hopefully soon. Count on me being there for breakfast Penny

  • Still working on getting more vo jobs... Not sure if I will be able to attend Voice 2012 yet, due to loss of FT job... Keeping fingers crossed though... Glad to hear you're booked Woody... Way to go! 

  • Woody - don't forget the Positive Thinkers UNITE breakfast!



  • Thank you Elley-Ray  you are a wonderful blessing.

  • I would love to go to the voice-over seminar, finances are not in the right position.

    I will keep working and networking and give my all for my voice passion. wishing everyone lots of success.

  • That is great Woody. See you there!

  • WooHoo I am now booked for the banquet and convention. All I need now is to arrange travel and hotel

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