A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Here's another good one!

    "It's really important that you feel good. Because this feeling good is what goes out as a signal into the universe and starts to attract more of itself to you. So the more you can feel good, the more you will attract the things that help you feel good and that will keep bringing you up higher and higher."

    — Dr. Joe Vitale: Motivational author and speaker

  • Nice!  I'm adding that one to my facebook page, today. =)

    Hugs back to ya!

  • Exactly, Amie!! I've got 20 years on ya, kid and i was 47 when I started believe me, I felt REALLY old!

    I love this quote:

    How old would you be
    If you didn't know your age?

    It's just a number after all.. What really counts is the age of your mind and soul. I've decided I'm around 45 in that regard. That's my decision, and I'm sticking to it! LOL.


  • Thanks, Penny!  I was thinking the other day...I feel a little 'old'...I'm 41, just stepped out of a long 16 radio career for voice work.  I love it...and like you said, I feel this is exactly where I'm supposed to be...I just know. =)

  • I am grateful for my son! I keep at this because I love it and I want to teach my son to never give up on your dreams. Thank you, Penny! Love & hugs to all :)
  • Thank you Paul    God bless you lots and more projects for you.

  • Congrats Earl and blessings :)

  • My grattitude is sent before i saw this note. Very grateful to you, God AND THE POTENTIAL CLIENTS. I will celebrate now even before I know. YAHBADADADOO!!!!!!!!   Hurray!!

  • I completed the voicing the producer sent it to the boss and I am waiting for his reponse. Then today at a networking event, received interest in my voice services.

    They are meeting with the client now and asked for a quote earlier. Waiting to hear the results as it is also a mining company and I have done 2 similar projects. Felt discouraged before the event and now great possibilities.

    Thanks Penny your beautiful support is wonderful.

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    I was sitting in my kitchen this morning having a cup of tea. For a moment I just sat there and really LISTENED. I could hear the birds singing outside my window, the wind chimes producing lovely and relaxing tones in the breeze and then, something quite unexpected - the sounds of my washer and dryer and our dishwasher, busily humming away to provide us with clean clothes and sparkling dishes.

    It made me stop and think what a blessing those machines really are. I put the clothes in the machine and push a button. I put in the dirty dishes in the machine and push a button and like magic I have clean clothes and dishes! A process quite different than what had to be done in the "not so distant" past.

    These conveniences are real blessings and ones I am expressing gratitude for today.

    What are YOU grateful for today? Please share with us!



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