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  • Prayers for healing and for peace.

  • Andy, all the positive energy that can be mustered here is en route to you and your wife. 

  • My thoughts and prayers are with Sandra, you, Andy, and your family.
  • Andy, although I already have sent you a message on FB earlier today, I am posting here as well since the healing and positive energy of the PTU group is SO powerful, dynamic, and always there just when you need it. I continue to hold you and your wife Sandra close in my thoughts and prayers. I also extend my prayers to all those entrusted with the care of your beloved wife. May all those who care for your wife have the vital knowledge and skills to help Sandra make a complete and speedy recovery. Our love, prayers, and best wishes are there for Sandra, you, and your entire family. God bless you all!

  • Praying for Sandra and your family too. I am deeply sorry for what is happening. Keep us posted.
  • It makes me sad to share this news with you, friends. However, one of our members and his family need our help. Andy Swingler posted this on the Positive Thinkers Group on Facebook earlier today.

    Please could I ask for prayers and positive energy for my wife Sandra. She was rushed into intensive care earlier today and they have found a brain tumor and another tumor in her thyroid. Thank you.

    Will you please take a moment and sent your prayers and positive energy to the Swingler family?

    Thanks, everyone!



  • Wow Randi you have been through the mill. Here's to Happy Healing.Hope to see you in Disneyland voice 2012?

     Well done Michael.

    Thanks Dan for the inspirational song.Great!

    Happy Christmas everyone and a very Healthy, Prosperous New Year! See you in DisneyLand! Woo!Hoo!

  • Dan, that was such an awesome song, by Martina McBride. It was very inspirational and timely. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    I'm still undergoing way too many ENT procedures  (I've had 5 now and am heading toward number 6) and can't wait for them to end! My wonderful ENT must spread the procedures out so as not to do too much work at once. Then after the surgery (if he has time) he plays me a song on John Denver's 18-string guitar (Nothing should surprise you when you live in Nashville, TN!). Initially, I thought these procedures were simply to help my vocal recovery, but they appeared to be a necessity--as a precancer was discovered. Evidently, I have been sick for a long time. Who knew? I've just gotten used to being sick (if you can ever get used to being sick). If I had not undergone the procedures, the precancer would not have been discovered and removed, so I guess these surgeries are more of a blessing than I knew. Also, during my last surgery I was stunned to discover that my nose had been broken in my youth--it was an interior break, so it was never visible, and remained undetected until now. Based on the fact that I have discovered two precancers during different doctors visits this year, I am only first beginning to discover that this busy mama needs to start taking better care of herself. I've been so busy taking care of my family--OOPS! I forgot to take care of myself. I've learned my lesson well...I hope that all our Positive Thinkers United family make a commitment to taking care of their health and well being. By taking care of your most important instrument--your body--it will improve so many aspects of your life...including and not limited to that wonderful voice of yours!

    Last, but certainly not least, Michael, WAY TO GO on the JAGUAR gig! That is AWESOME news! Congratulations to you and I'll be looking forward to hearing your voice when I least expect it..."Dream it away"...

    I hope everyone has a great weekend and with the holidays and the New Year rapidly approaching, I send positive thoughts and wishes to each and every one of you...I wish you all the best!

  • Talk about timely, Penny . . . and Dan . . . I'm still a 'newb' in this biz, but I've been plugging away, taking every shot that comes along ~ and guess what ?!? I just booked a 'national' gig ~ I'm the new voice of Jaguar ~ coming soon to a radio and/or television near you !!!!! "Dream It Anyway" . . . fabulous message !

  • Thanks Dan for the inspiration and encouragement to continuing going for my voice-over goals. Really inspiring wishing you a GREAT DAY!!!

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