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  • Oh...my... gawd... I can actually go to VOICE 2012!  Hope to meet many (if not all) of you there!  Serious Positive Thinking going on here! :D

  • Penny and Daniel - Glad you like the idea. Thank you for promoting it! I have received some files today. I have time to receive plenty more. I can even extend the deadline a bit - if it helps for those who would like to be included.

    Thank you to those who have sent files! I know Anne will be moved and feel the love that will keep the positive healing energy flowing. Please consider doing this and sending me your file. Thanks!

  • Great idea Mike.  and Thank you.  My MP3 is on its way to you.

  • That's a GREAT idea, Mike! I'll get mine to you today!

    Come on folks - we use our voices for a living! Let's use that talent to help in Anne's healing!



  • Jennifer and Dan, congratulations! Great news!

    I am so happy things are going so well for Anne! Anne Ganguzza is an amazing person! Thanks be to God for the healing energy - and for all of you pulling for her and sending prayers her way.

    I want to do something to help continue to give her positive energy and make her know we are all pulling for her. In thinking about it the only thing I could come up with is to record a little VO greeting to send her way, saying hello and wishing her well - just seems so natural, right? Since we all record our voices to communicate thoughts, feelings and messages! So I would like to invite any who might like to participate to record a SHORT hello to Anne to let her know we are thinking of her. I would be happy to receive your voice file and edit them all together and send it off to her. If you are interested in participating, please record your "hello", tell who you are, and a SHORT message. Please save it as a mono, mp3, 128 kbps (voice only) file, and email it to me to mike@mikesvo.com.

    I will put them together (probably with a music bed) and send it to her (or her husband Jerry). I would like to send it to her by Monday, 1/9/12, so if I could have your files by Saturday, 1/7/12 at 12 noon Pacific time, that would be great. I would like to keep it a surprise, but realize she may log in and see this - if so, that is the way it goes. Thanks for your willingness to participate - and if you can't, that is okay too - I know she appreciates all your prayers, positive energy and what you write here.

    Thank you!

  • The PTU seems to be on a roll--charged with such positive energy and positive happenings. I love hearing good news and that so many people are having a great beginning to 2012!

    Anne, I'm continuing to send lots of positive energy and healing prayers to you for a very speedy recovery.

    Dan, congratulations once again! We're so happy for you....Keep up the fantastic work!

    And Jennifer--way to go on your first narration! It's so nice to hear about your successful collaboration with Chuck Burke--and may 2012 continue to be a great year for you!

    I'm so happy for all of you...May 2012 continue to be a year full of positive energy, good health, hope, and possibilities--oh so many possibilities!!!

  • Congrats to you too Jennifer... always great and encouraging to hear of each success.

  • Many good wishes, Anne, for excellent healing and well being!

  • Well done Dan!

  • My first narration via ACX with the excellent editing/mastering done by Chuck Burke is on Audible.com too!

    Queen's walk in the Dusk by Thomas Burnett Swann

    A fantasy based on the story of Dido and Aneas.

    It's a good year already!

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