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  • http://nokiatheatrelalive.com/events/event-detail/3053  Here's the link if you are able to come tonight. It is FREE and curtain time is at 8pm at the Nokia Theater in downtown LA. Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Keep using those voices to do amazing things!!!

  • Tonight AEG is producing a huge show for all of the So Cali southland, "Christmas  LIVE!"  I am one of the singers and feel so happy today to share the gift of music with such wonderful studio singers, musicians and dancers and actors. To all of my VU friends. We are blessed people to share the gift to encourage and uplift others. May I have your support today that I absolutely sing from the heart to bring joy to those around me. Love you, guys!!!

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  • WOW! Adam! This is just wonderful!!!!!

    For all of you PTU members out there - be sure to listen to Adam's recording of The Christmas Carol. It is AMAZING! It will blow you away, I promise!

  • Adam - very cool... good job!

    Penny and the PTU gang: hope you all have the happiest of holidays and a very prosperous and fulfilling 2012!

  • Very nice, Adam.  Merry Christmas to you and everybody!

  • Adam, that was a brilliant narration of "A Christmas Carol."  I haven't listened to it all but what I have listened to... WOW!

  • Fair warning: there may be a few catch-breaths that managed to sneak in. I still need to work on that whole "just open your mouth if you need to breathe" thing. ;)

    I'm getting better at it, though!

  • How sweet of you to share with us, Adam! I will deifnitely "take a listen!"



  • After many weeks spent recording, editing, and fine-tuning, it's finally ready! I plan to burn this to audio CDs and give it as a Christmas gift to close friends and family, but I've also decided to share it with the world in general. If you enjoy audiobooks, and especially if you like Dickens' A Christmas Carol, please feel free to take a listen!

    The in-page players should work, but if they don't, you can use the links on the right to download the MP3s directly.

    Constructive criticism is welcome, though I don't expect to make any further changes before burning the audio. I just thought some of you might enjoy it!

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