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  • Ken,

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Ken, I know exactly what you're going through. Four years ago my 16 yr old son was critically ill from a random virus that began to attack his heart. We took him to Children's Hospital in Philadelphia and were told he might not make it.  After 4 days of prayers from friends and relatives, he began to improve, and today he is 100%. Prayers do get answered, and my family will be praying for your son.

  • Ken,


    Praying for your son and you!

  • Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way Ken!

  • Ken,

    Of course your family is in my thoughts during these difficult times.

  • Ken, my thoughts and prayers are with your son and your family.  You don't walk alone.

  • I am thankful for the love and support of my family and friends.  


    I enjoyed reading Penny's journey.  I too recently left a "safe" career path to pursue this dream of voiceover.  


    I was moving up the corporate ladder and had job security.  Many thought my decision to leave for such a risky endeavor crazy.  While I had something many strive for, I was curbing my need for a creative outlet, additionally I realized that the long hours and mental strain of my job were having a negative effect on me both physically and emotionally.  Originally my thoughts were that I would try to begin my voiceover career while working at my full-time job.  But as I often worked 12+ hours a day and had difficulty taking time off without significant advance notice, that plan didn't work.  So I recently left my job and between savings and part-time working am pursuing my dream.


    I am just beginning my journey and am aware that it may be a while until I truly see the fruits of my labor.  I am Thankful everyday that I was able to take this chance and that my friends and family supported me in my decision, even if they didn't fully understand it.  I am a firm believer that without great risk, you cannot have great rewards.

  • you are in our thoughts be well please god bless

  • Ken, my entire family with have you and your son in our thoughts and prayers. 

  • Ken, I'm sending loving, healing, comforting thoughts to your son and to your family. Sending blessings to every hand that touches him. And visualizing him healthy, strong, and healed.  Sending love.  xxoo

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