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  • As we are thankful for you, Earl!
  • I am thankful for you Penny and many others here. you are all a blessing.

  • Right now sending up a prayer for Huda and her grandmother. When I was younger I was very close to my grandmother and know that it does hurt, believing NOW God will comfort and heal in Jesus name.  Love and hugs to u both.

  • I'm proud of two people today. One is Jack Norris who has a great new head shot and some great positive self-promotion on Facebook. Sometimes it's the little things which make all the difference, and I love his line "Does you company need a voice with a southern flair? Let me speak for you."

    The second is from theFacebook sibling of this group. Huda Özdemir is a Turkish student who is studying English in one of my classes. I usually keep a distance from mixing my professional lives, but this young lady has some great contributions to make.

    I was deeply moved by a post she made earlier this evening, as she's taking a risk with both writing in a second language, and crossing a cultural divide, forgive me for sharing here:

    My grandmother has cancer on her brain. She goes bad day by day. She doesn't know anything. Also she can't eat and speak. I love her too much.Because we have been living together since I was born. So it makes me upset.. We need your prayers .:(

    Jack, Huda: proud of you both!


  • Ken,

    I am keeping your son, David in my prayers and sending positive energy his way!  I am also praying for you and your family so you will have the strength and courage during this most difficult time. All the care providers are in my prayers too. May God bless your son and all of you so that David will again be healthy.

  • Ken - I was at work when I got the news. I have been praying for you since then. I pray for God's peace for you and healing for your son.

  • Sending prayers and good vibes ASAP!!!!!

  • May Gods peace and blessings be with your son & family. Godspeed to him in the way of a quick recovery to good health.

  • Ken-- May God bless you and your son (and your entire family).  I pray His healing light shine on your son.  

  • Ken, All my thoughts and prayers are with you. 

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