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  • Congrats Michael!!  Way to go!!!
  • Well Folks, 

    I've been following [and infrequently commenting] on everyone's success, all the while just itching to share some of my good news ~ and I finally can !! My first audiobook, "Secrets of the F.B.I.", a non-fiction by NY Times bestseller Ronald Kessler went on sale August 2 ! I was unable to tout it because of an NDA [which curiously enough I had signed another of those three days earlier, for a video game, which has NOT come out, so I still can't talk about that . . .].

    I've since done some anime work with Marc Handler, and things are starting to go in the right direction ~ thanks for the 'positive energy' this forum puts out ~ bottom line, I can now officially say ~ I am a working VO kinda guy ! Now, to just push it into the realm of 'replacing' my current income and there's no turning back !! Whoo ~ Hoo !! 

  • Food 4 Thought

    Words to live by -- Remember Jack Layton's final thoughts...

    "My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world."

  • Thanks Vanessa!!! :)
  • I look forward to hearing from you Woody. Go get 'em Darla and Christine - I so look forward to working with you again when you are ready. Intending a most wonderful day for all - filled with grace :)


  • Motivational video that helps me approach challenging #voiceover auditions/gigs. Who's in your amen corner? http://ping.fm/Mms68
  • Woody - I pictured you as a younger fella...your "baby" girl is having her 3rd child??  I bet you are a marvelous Grand-Dad.  Congrats on the new grandchild, on the success of your project and on your promotion.  I am sure that the promotion is well deserved. 

    My goodness it is a small world isn't it?  Someone from Tisdale, SK is working with you?!?  How cool is that?  Yes, I'm still going strong.  Working on my 4th narration job.

    You know, if we both can make it to VOICE 2012, we might get to meet face-to-face. 

    Vanessa is great.  She will be able to give you lots of help.

    Stay safe Woody.  Hope to hear more about your adventures soon.

  • I just wanted to give you a quick update on how things are going for me and my shipmates. We are now getting a well deserved rest from spending that couple of weeks tracking N. Korean submarines, which resulted in a few tense and nerve wracking moments. Now we get about 5 days alongside in S. Korea before heading off the Japan to complete the tasks we have been assigned there.

    I was in Singapore before coming to Korea and for those who know of my project I have been working on it was an even bigger success than I was hoping for. So much so that I received a substantial pay raise from being reclassified to a higher level engineer and three days later I was promoted (something I didn’t expect for at least two more years). I am hoping this will allow me the opportunity to be posted back to a shore billet and give me back my time both with my family and in my studio. It will also boost my pension for when I retire (which, as I’ve said in the past, will be better sooner than later – even with the pay raise and promotion).

    My baby girl, Marianne, will be having her third child sometime in early September.. Unfortunately I do not get back until the end of October.

    After Japan our next stop isn’t until Hawaii so I will be calling my good buddy Chuck to let him know when I’ll be in town (okay so Pearl Harbour isn’t exactly next door but we’ll work it out).

    I hope everyone is doing alright… I’ve got a lot of studio time to make up for when I get home. I plan to give Vanessa a call to talk to her about audiobooks, so expect to hear from me Vanessa. I have been thinking about my VO family. I hope Darla is still going strong (I have a young lad working for me Darla from Tisdale Sask.)
  • Christine - keep hanging in there sweetie.  I want to see you at VOICE 2012.  And I want to hear you doing some audio books, too!
  • Christine,

    You have such a great attitude toward life and your positive energy is contagious! I continue to send healing thoughts your way. Keep smiling and know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you only the best!


    Darla, you make us SO proud! I haven't had a chance to listen to your books yet, but I really look forward to it. Congratulations to you and keep up the great work!

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