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  • My pleasure, Marilee. Hang in there, dear one.





  • Penny - thank you for your kind and comforting words. Sometimes it is so helpful just to share the sadness and the weariness out and be reminded of how many others walk similar and even more difficult paths.
  • May the blessings of health and mercy be with your sweet sister at this time of need. My thoughts and prayers I send from the purity of Kauai.
  • Prayers for your sister and the medical folks who will be taking care of her and prayers for you as you go through these days with your sister.
  • Praying for your sister,you and your family... I pray for healing and for peace to be with you through this time.
  • Sending positive thoughts, prayers and energy to Barbara. Also sending you both love and light. Breathe my friend, all will be well.
  • I said a prayer, and I feel like everything is going to turn out fine.

  • 8490047489?profile=originalHi guys, today I need your help. My sweet sister, Barbara, just had some unsettling news and will be having a biopsy on her lung in a couple of weeks. She's concerned, scared and hopeful - as am I and the rest of her family. Could you please send her lots of positive thoughts and energy?

    Some of you will remember Barb and Vern who have attended a couple of our VOICE conferences and worked as volunteers. I'm sure she'd love some personal notes from those of you who know her. She is a very special lady - especially to me. Thanks, everyone.
  • YIPPEE for Christine!! I am over the moon for you darlin' - soon you'll be back to doing what you were born to do and I'll be here to help :)

    And Marilee-we are all sending waves and waves of positive energy. Feel it - use it.

  • Yay, Christine!
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