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  • Christine - best wishes to you.  Get healthy!

    Chuck - I forgot to give Robert Sawyer my card.  :(

  • @Penny, I like that....confidence will own the building.... :) @ Ken, I loved Galaxy Quest.....good quote!!! Another is from Apollo 13, Gene Kranz "Failure is NOT an option!"

    @Darla, sounds like a good time!! Did you give him your card?

    @Christine, I'm glad you found at least SOMETHING out!!! My thoughts are with you.....


  • Hello everyone. I wanted to give u an update on my health situation.

    I went to another Neurologist and listened, did the exam, ordered new tests and put me on a new med. One of the most important things is he thinks there are two conditions going on at the same time.
    Now I just have to wait for the results.

    Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers...they have helped a WHOLE LOT!!!
    Christine Ivy
  • From my friend, Billye Thompson: Be Confident: “Insecurity will always rent the space it occupies, but confidence will own the building, and any other room it steps in.” ~ Unknown
  • We, here in Moose Jaw-Saskatchewan, just finished hosting the annual "Festival of Words".  Writers, story tellers, poets, and readers from all over Canada were there.  I had the opportunity to meet and speak with several authors, but the high point for me was attending a workshop given by Robert J. Sawyer (science fiction author, Hugo Award, Nebula Award, etc).  I introduced myself as an audio book narrator and not a writer.  Mr. Sawyer had high praise for audio book narrators in general and gave me a smile and thumbs up for pursuing the craft.  Audio book narrators - it's great when you get the chance to hear what the authors have to say about their work!
  • The secret is to keep going, or to quote Galaxy Quest- "Never Give Up, Never Surrender".

     The Indian rain dance always worked because the Indians didn't stop dancing until the rains came. :)

  • Interesting, Tim. That's exactly what I told my son, Timmy! And my mom told me
    Keep hanging in there, kid. That big break is right around the corner!


  • Penny, I felt like I was was walking through your neighborhood with you...enjoying all of nature's splendors...such a beautiful picture put into words.

    Thank you for the PRESENT!!!


    Bob, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you're doing well.

    Take care.

    Have a good night!

    Randi T.


  • Good stuff, Penny! Living in the moment is the way to LIVE fully.

    While I was on my walk this morning at 6 am, I discovered something I want to share with you.

    As I walked, my thoughts (as always) were pretty random. I thought about the things I had to do today – what auditions might be waiting for me when I got home – what I was going to wear to the studio, what I might have for breakfast, etc.

    Then it hit me. My thoughts were focused solely on the FUTURE. Even though it wasn’t very far into the future.

    And it suddenly occurred to me that I wasn’t enjoying the PRESENT.

    So, here’s what I did. I focused on being fully in the present. First, I concentrated on the rhythm of my shoes as they hit the sidewalk; then the sound of the birds singing; the cool breeze on my face; and the trees – the beautiful trees! I had never noticed how the leaves on a particular tree look like delicate green lace as they cascade from the branches and sweep the top of my head as I pass underneath. Then I observed the hills that line my route. They are small and very rocky and they have a majesty and beauty that just mystifies me.

    I am part of nature at this moment and my thoughts turn to gratitude for all that surrounds me! The level sidewalk that takes me confidently from start to finish; the safety of the neighborhood; the absence of traffic; the smiles and acknowledgments from other walkers; the sounds and smells of early morning; the intense color of the petunias that line the sidewalk – pink, white and red!; the beauty of the other flowers, scrubs and grass that make this place a paradise.

    I also give special thanks to the amazing surgeons who repaired my back last year allowing me to enjoy walking again.

    Now – I was living in the PRESENT!

    It’s really all we have, you know.

    The PAST is a cancelled check
    The FUTURE is an I.O.U.
    The PRESENT is the only cash you have.
    Learn to spend it wisely.

    Are YOU living in the present? Try it today, you might find it rather exhilarating – I did!
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