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  • Poignant little video there Andy - the journal entries bought a tear to my eye.  When my son was only a few months old, I remember very distinctly a couple telling us at the Boston Harbor to cherish every moment because it goes so quickly and boy has it.  He's now going to be a junior in high school.  My youngest is 11 and I know time is just going to fly.  Thanks for reminding us!


  • Great video Andy, thanks for sharing it!
  • Penny,

    I get the feeling that you are like almost every Grandma in the world...you spoil your grandkids something fierce!!!  But, that's what Grandmothers are for.  Bless you!

  • The video is just wonderful, Andy.

    I often feel a pang of guilt when I think of all the times when my house was completely spotless, all the dishes were done and all the laundry neatly folding and tucked away - but because of those tasks (which seemed SO important at the time) I missed spending some fun times with my children. Looking back I wish I'd had a little messier house and lots more memories of fun times with my boys - going to the playground, chasing bugs or just enjoying each others company. Fortunately, God has given me another chance with my grandchildren - and believe me, I'm so grateful for it!


    Big hugs,



  • Actually, it is particularly about fathers, but it also shows us that our individual perceptions of events may not be the same as those we shared them with. The time we spend with another is often far more valuable than we can imagine, whether it's with a member of the family, a friend, or in relation to a FB post today (from Brittany LeBlanc Schaeffer... you'll just have to check it out for yourself!) a total stranger.
  • Andy, This is a beautiful reminder of the importance of Dad's to our children. I am passing this on to my husband. Thank you for posting this, Susan
  • Posted this on the PTU Facebook page yesterday, but for those of you who missed it, I'd like to share here, too.


    Thanks to Scott Larson for originally sharing this... he wrote "For my son Jacob, and for all the Dads I know and for all the Dads I don't". I'll add: for William, too.

  • Congrats, Vicki, and Good For You! You're on your way now!





  • I just completed my first VO job!  Gotta appreciate the milestones.  I also wound up as an extra in a film this weekend.  As for procrastination...yeah, I've been doing that a bit.  But I've been doing it to follow my bliss, which has seemed to be more of a priority lately.  Now I'm feeling both motivated and ecstatic!  Life gets better and better.
  • Penny Abshire
    FOOD 4 THOUGHT: "Procrastination is a crime, which only leads to sorrow. I can stop at anytime. I think I will......tomorrow." Have you been putting something important on the back burner? Do it today! You'll be amazed how good it feels to cross it off your "list." Go get 'em, my friends!
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