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    Penny, thanks so much for relaying the information about Christine.


    Christine, I am so happy that you now have answers to your many questions about your health-- and with those answers, you now have HOPE for reclaiming your life. I wish you only the best during your therapy and recovery! 

    Knowing this PTU group the way I do, I'm betting that there is a gigantic wave of positive healing energy heading right your way. I LOVE THIS PTU GROUP and the positive energy that constantly radiates from it. 


    Penny, your message to Marilee was absolutely beautiful and inspirational...


    Marilee, there's no doubt that your life is filled with so many obstacles and challenges--just know that you're never alone and that your PTU family  is a constant source of positive energy and support whenever you need it...


  • No profound words spring to my fingertips to endorse the last couple of remarks... (it's nearly midnight, brains slowed down), so for Marilee and Christine especially, here's my emoticon message



  • Just got a call from our sweet Christine! She had her doctor's appointment this morning and she's finally got an answer after 4 years! He says it's a brain disorder that is TREATABLE through therapy NOT with drugs!

    She is over-the-moon happy because she finally knows what the problem is and she knows it's treatable.The first thing she'll be doing is speech therapy.

    She asked me to tell you all and thank you from the bottom of her heart for all your positive thoughts and prayers.

    Knowing  Christine, I know we can expect to hear her voicing projects again very soon!!!



  • Sweet Marilee,

    My goodness, your plate is SO full! I had a period of time in my life when I was caring for both my parents as they were dying. They entered hospice care on the same day and passed away several days later after very long illnesses. My siblings and I had been their main caregivers up to then. At the time, I felt so overwhelmed I'd have to remind myself to breathe. I was exhausted, sad and felt guilty for just wanting the exhaustion to stop - to be able to rest.

    I understand the feeling of being in a hole while the current situation continually piled dirt on my head. It's so difficult to see the light through all that heaviness.

    As I look back, I realize that those months, weeks and days caring for them were some of the moments I cherish the most now. I didn't (and couldn't) feel that way then.

    Dear girl, have courage and faith and know that you are doing God's work - you are his angel for your loved ones.

    Your voiceover career will still have time to blossom and grow. Let me know if you'd like a listening and understanding ear. Perhaps I can help, if only a little.


    With big hugs,




  • Yep, I am wearing one of my prettiest hats to my appt today. LOL
    Christine Ivy
  • Christine -

    Oh yes...do not forget the hat!  Hang in there, beautiful-hat-lady.

  • it is always the computer's fault... isn't it... hummm I know, I blame the computer 1st and then settle down -lol -thanks Penny....

    @ Christine keeping you in Pray...  take care.

  • The antennae are going up...through the hat of course LOL.
    Christine Ivy
  • Great reminder as I deal with juggling non-voice work to pay the bills, a 91 year old mother who is filled with negative thoughts, and a husband in the later stages of Alzheimer's. Great "reasons' why I can't . . . take time to audition, take time to practice and take time to relax and be joyful.
  • I'm thinking positively toward you Christine....put your antennae up so that you can feel the vibes
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