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  • Hi Penny,

    Like Woody, I understand the enormity of the task that you and James have set before yourselves in getting Voice 2012 off the ground. You do SO much for us. Please let us know how we can help you...

    I realize that you have not finalized the time for Voice 2012, and I'm only one voice, so you may or may not consider this request regarding it's scheduling, but--what the heck-- I'll ask anyway...

    As a busy Mom, whose husband must leave town frequently due to his work obligations, the only opportunity I have to attend Voice 2012 is if it is scheduled during the summer. Apart from my other work obligations, my life is as "Taxi Mom"--making sure that my children get to school on time and that I'm there for them ...

    Voice 2010 was scheduled perfectly, June 2 through 5. I know there are many busy Moms in the voice acting community--that's not to take away from those wonderful voice acting Dads as well, but if there is any way that Voice 2012 could be scheduled during the summer, which gives SO many families the flex time to arrange their schedules, that would be most appreciated.

    I don't know if you remember me telling you that VOICE 2010 literally changed the course of my life--and believe it or not, even to this day, it's positive effects are still shaping my life.

    I don't want to miss a minute of Voice 2012! If there is any possibility of scheduling Voice 2012 during the summer, I for one, would be most grateful.

    Thanks for listening to my appeal, Penny--and thanks again for all you do. Whether you know it or not, you have made such a difference in my life...and I will always be grateful to you for that...and for just being the wonderful person that you are...
  • That is wonderful, Darla! Congratulations!

    Woody, what a sweetheart you are! Knowing we can count on our friends for help means more than you know!

    As for the beer drinking.....well, we will have a hospitality suite and you're welcome there anytime. Every convention needs good beer testers, I suppose.


  • All three of the books that I have narrated are, now, available through the Audible.com website.  Please, check them out and rate them.  If you like them (I'm sure you will), buy them and tell your friends.
  • Woody, I'd volunteer for that as well, but alas I can't drink anymore. :)


  • Penny

    We all saw, and appreciated the hard work you and James put into 2010 and I think I can safely say that everyone here would be delighted if there is anything we could do, no matter how small or trivia, to help you guys as you work on getting this enourmous ball rolling.

    (BTW if you need beer testers,Chuck and I will be at your disposal tout suite)

    --Insert subdued boyish snickering here--


    Hugs to all



  • Folks, I know you are all anxious to know the date for VOICE 2012. We are working so diligently trying to get all the t's crossed and i's dotted. We have to make sure everything is in place with our venue before we can announce.


    Right now, I can say for SURE it will happen and that it will be in 2012. Ambiguous enough? :-)


    Love you guys and I'm so happy you are looking forward to another great event!


    I promise, you'll be the first to know (and it will be right away!)





  • Howdy All!  I'm always so busy with my real world job that I rarely post here but I do sneak a read every once in awhile!  I vote for another pin, it's small and will fit easily in your suitcase when you go home from Voice 2012. And you can transfer a pin from one outfit to another with ease.  By the way is there a date and place set for Voice 2012 yet?????  Thanks and it's been fun reading your wonderful life adventures, inspirations, and stories!
  • Hello from Tokyo. We were hit by the worst rainstorm I have ever seen today making it impossible to get off the ship (I'm able to sneek a little bandwidth while noone is looking to check in here)

    How about an inspirational plaque? Something I can put up on the wall in my studio.  I'll add another $10 to Chuck's!!!

    Do we have a date yet for 2012?  I was talking with the Commodore two days ago and it looks like I may be enjoying an all expense payed visit to either Lybia or Guam next summer (all summer)  :(


  • Check these out, folks! They are gorgeous AND motivational! From our member, Ken Knuckles. Custom created motivational posters designed to inspire excellence in the entertainment and performance industry
  • I loved my pin when I was there, but now I can't find it.  I wear t-shirts with logos and messages a lot.  I have one from VOICE 2010 that says "got mic?".  When peoople see it, often they ask me what it means and I get to explain what I do as a voice over actor.  A t-shirt would be great!  Then people around here would get to ask me more about voice over.
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