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  • no Mercedes :( ummmm maybe a Jaguar lol

    Just being able to come to Vo 2012 will be awesome!! pins are collectable and so are key chains.

  • Penny, I have no preference among the items listed. Anything representing the PTU would be wonderful...and no I'm not expecting a Mercedes, but maybe among "other" suggestions a key chain with the PTU logo would be wonderful. That way wherever we are and wherever we travel, positive energy would always be right at our fingertips. I know the PTU logo would be a reminder to most of us to stay calm, cool, and positive when dealing with the much dreaded rush hour traffic... 


    And yes, Penny, Chuck is a NUT, but in the most POSITIVE sense of the word. Chuck, as Billy Joel would say, we "love you just the way you are."

  • Why thank you. I love you too :) tee hee
  • You, my friend, are a NUT! Don't ever CHANGE okay?





  • Penny, if I cannot get a Mecedes I'm not coming Harummphhhhh......( insert gregarious I have to come because I volunteered laugh here)


    Speaking only for myself, I have more hats than heads, and more t-shirts I don't wear.....pens get lost between the seats in the Mercedes...and so I would think another pin might be in order (although hugs are cheaper)....folks like to collect pins.....


    Just my two cents. Want change ? : )


  • Hello, my friends! I need some input from you. At VOICE 2010, I gave each of you who attended a special PTU lapel pin. Since we are now planning VOICE 2012, I wonder what you think you’d like to take home as a remembrance of next year’s conference.


    And no, I can’t give each of you a Mercedes! ♥ Much as I wish I could
  • Well done Michael! Congratulations.....

    Woody, good to hear from you......glad you are safe, and yes, when you get to Pearl, we'll find a way to get together........

    Of that I AM positive :)


  • 8490059684?profile=originalSometimes the simplest truths are the most profound!




  • WHOO HOO, indeed!!! Good for you, Michael! We're so proud and thrilled for you!
  • That's AWESOME news, Michael!  "Secrets of the F.B.I."--it sounds intriguing.

    I'll look forward to listening to it... I wish you all the best as you continue to move forward in the right directions and make your wish to become a FULL-TIME "working VO kinda guy" a reality. Keep us posted on your successes...

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