A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Thank you Penny - this is a good one....mind if I 'share' on FB?
  • Food 4 Thought

    8490061096?profile=originalHere's a little something to think about today.


    This picture was shared with me on Facebook this morning, so many of you have already seen it. But it has such a wonderful message about appreciating the things in your life, taking action to make your dreams come true and most of all "paying attention."


    I just love it and plan to make a sign just like it for my studio. I hope you like it too.


    Big Hugs,





  • Thanks, Chuck! You always share such inspirational things with us!





  • Ok...another from Great Day


    An empowered day

    If you catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself you’ve discovered a valuable opportunity. You can transform the negative energy of self-pity into positive energy to improve your situation.

    When you’ve been disappointed by life, take a step back and look at the positive value in that disappointment. You have a powerful reason to become more determined than ever before.

    Life has its ups and its downs. And you can choose to benefit from both.

    Success is not a matter of having everything go your way. Success comes from choosing to find the value in whatever way things go.

    Don’t waste your time and energy making judgments about whether you’re having a good day or a bad day. Decide to take whatever comes and make it into an empowered day.

    Whatever form it takes, life is always supplying you with the raw material for fulfillment. Make good use of it all to move your life surely and steadily in the direction of your dreams.

    — Ralph Marston

    The Daily Motivator - Something you can love
    This is the moment you have, this is the moment you are living. To find the very best in it give your very best to it, with love leading the way.
  • Hi all! If you haven't checked out an application called Audioboo - you definitely should! What a great little tool for those of us who use our voices to make our living!

    Click here to listen to my first "boo" and please answer the question I pose.






  • This from Great Day


    Effort makes the difference

    In order to create the product, you must go through the process. Yes, the result is very important, yet without sustained effort there is not going to be a result.

    By all means, focus on what you desire to create. And then with your focus firmly fixed, get busy and make the effort.

    The value of any achievement cannot be separated from the process of achievement. Working through that process is what makes the achievement worth having.

    The dreams and goals set the direction. And then it is the effort that makes it all happen.

    Effort is what makes the difference. And that is what makes effort such a substantive and authentic joy.

    Welcome the process, welcome the effort, and welcome the price that is paid with your action. By paying that price you receive value that can never be taken away.

    — Ralph Marston

    The Daily Motivator - Something you can love
    This is the moment you have, this is the moment you are living. To find the very best in it give your very best to it, with love leading the way.
  • Thanks Chuck for your post I needed that today, I hate it when a look can derail you, oh no that's me. so Thanks I am valuable.:) and so are all of you.

    Thanks Dan for your encourgement. Keep moving forward.

    everyone have a very blessed day.

  • @Dan, thanks man! Needed to hear that! @Timothy. Congratulations!
  • That is SO COOL, DAN! I'm so proud of you!!!


  • This group is such a pick-me-up. Thanks Penny!

    For those who are just starting, KEEP GOING! Do something EVERY DAY to move your business forward. Read an article, practice scripts, listen to your old material, listen to other excellent talent, make a cold call, send an email, hand write a thank you note... DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY.

    Through the blessing of God, and the "do something every day" mindset, I'm thrilled that today I wrote an invoice for a job that put me at the same number of jobs this year that I had for the whole year last year.

    Sometimes, it feels like we're spinning our wheels, but keep at it.

    You can do it!
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