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  • Oops... I forgot the postitve part... I am staying in a beautiful and quaint heratige building that is now a wonderful B&B.  I feel more at home here in Austrailia than at ANY other foreign port (including some of the wonderful ports I visit in the US) The people are so down to earth, friendly and respectful of others.
  • I forget to mention that I am taking a couple of days off here in beautiful Sydney Austrailia to rest and decompress from being at sea working night and day for the better part of the last month. I am actually going to get a full night sleep in a big bed in a QUIET room.  If anyone wants to understand what it is like sleeping on a war ship go out and find a clean garbage dumpster, put in a cot and spend the night sleeping in it.  While you are trying to sleep get a gang of teenagers to constantly push and pull on the dumpster all night making sure to bang it with a wrench at least every 15 minutes.

    Of course its not completely like that --- the dumpster is likely to smell better.

  • Thank you so much Bob for coming by and posting to us, your extended family here.  We are all grateful to see that you are at least coping to the extent that you are able to come here, and to see you give of yourself to encourage Christine, Darla and Andy just goes to demonstrate further what a wonderful person you truly are.  I hope I am able to eminate integrity and honour to the degree you are. 

  • Ok everybody, Monday I go to see a new specialist. I am hoping and praying He will have an answer to this three year question...what is wrong with me??

    Bob, I agree with you, this is the most caring group I have been connected with.

    Christine Ivy
  • Thank you Bob. love you my friend.


  • We love you, Bob.  God be with you.
  • Simply put, Bob, we love you ~ and always will.





  • Hello from sea

    Getting into Sydney Austrailia tommorow -- or today for those in North America since I am now on the other side of the international date line. I am going to be there for the week so I think I will get a hotel for a couple of nights to enjoy some piece and quite. I need some quite time to prepare for a major presentation I am preparing for Singapore in August. Will check in later when I am ashore.



  • So very happy for you Daniel - you are all a source of constant inspiration.

    Cheers to us all!

  • Thank you all.  And do take care of your selves.  I love you all.
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