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  • Hang in there Christine! :) !
  • Thanks everyone, they are definitely needed and appreciated!
    This is one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced.
    Since my voice is affected I will be converting my studio for writing children's books. I have several storyline rough drafts.

    This is something I can when I have my good times.

    Once they figure out what is wrong with me and I can get my voice back, I will return to VO.

    Christine Ivy

    Prayers and positive energy for you Christine!

  • Christine is in my prayers.  She was the first person I met when I travelled to VOICE 2010 and she welcomed me to the Voice Over family.  She is a lovely lady and I wish her positive vibes forever!!
  • Fantastic, Andy - and way to go, William. Lots and lots of positive thoughts coming your way - but no need to fret. He's going to be a "shoe-in!" Wonderful news!


    Also, folks, please keep Christine Ivy in your thoughts and prayers. She's having some difficult health issues and could really use all the positive energy she can get.


    Big hugs,



  • Congratulations William!!

    Thank you Woody! (and Happy Birthday)


  • Just heard some great news, and within seconds I'm sharing it with you...

    William, now 5 years, has just passed the first of two entrance exams for the Conservertoire here in Istanbul. The second exam is tomorrow (Friday... or for Chuck, late Thursday!) so  I'll ask for all your positive thoughts for his continued success.

    Recently he's been having piano lessons, and entrance to the conservertoire will ensure that he gets high quality tuition over the coming years. I believe that there will be opportunities for other instruments, too, and possibly drama - although he's also attending a "drama" course run by a local production company. I'll share more news and information when I have it, but fingers crossed for tomorrow :-)

  • Ok...this is just too weird.....I JUST got off the blower woth woody.....I actually SAW where he was WHI
    E I was talking to him on my iPhone on skype......whodathunk?
  • Hi Everyone. I am writing you from Pagopago in America Samoa (about ½ way between Hawaii and New Zeland in the neighbourhood of the Cook Islands). 

    I would like to express to Bob how very very sorry I am to hear of his deep loss. When one of our family is hurting I can’t help but feel a deep sadness. 

    Bob, it sounds like Cathy was and is an amazing supporter and partner for you and her love for you spurned her on to push you to meet the incredible potential she knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you have. Remember that as you continue, all your success will be more than just achieving your dreams but each and every success will stand as a glowing tribute to Cathy and the faith she has in you. Love, trust and faith our loved ones plant within us stays with us our whole lives even when they move on, and it sounds to me like Cathy planted so much love, trust and faith in you that you will never stop feeling her with you—even when the terrible pain of this loss begins to be more bearable within your heart.



    We are shipping out first thing in the morning so I don’t know when I will get the chance to check in here again but you will hear from me again soon I hope. I did get the chance to talk to my buddy Chuck last week when we stopped by Hawaii, I just wish we could have stayed long enough for me to head over to visit for a day or two. Maybe on the way back.



    Darla: Way to go girl!!! Saskatchewan might not have any mountains but you sure seem to be climbing high to me.  Glad to hear it



  • Nicely done Darla.  You have a nice and calming style narration.
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