A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Respect from Russia!
  • I would love to have enough money to do such services for free.  I quit my IT career so that I would have the time to devote to healing more people.  I am kicking off this career and VO pretty close to the same time.  If I do all of my services for free, I will have to go back to Corporate America where I was miserable.  My hypnotherapy teacher charges $200 per hour and people fly from England to see him.  If people are not willing to pay $60 per hour, then they don't truly want my help.
  • Vicki - why don't you work with Christine for free?


  • Penny/Crhistine,

    I am a spiritual healer (Laying on of Hands) and have healed asthma attacks and other temporary problems over the phone through prayer.  I also have a Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Healing Arts, and I help people remove buried emotions that cause physical problems using hypnotherapy.  I don't charge for the energy healing, and I'm offering 50% off the first session of hypnotherapy through June 30.  I am available by phone at any time.  I couldn't tell you why being on the phone with someone works better than using a picture or prayer with no direct contact, but that's been my experience.  Here's my information if you are interested:

    (678) 481-0909



  • Hi all,

    Christine Ivy has asked me to forward a request for special positive thoughts and good wishes. Her health is deteriorating and she has now received a diagnosis of COPD. This is not good news. She is also now confined to a wheelchair.She remains in her usual good spirits and is always joking, but I know it's beginning to get her down.


    Please remember her in your prayers ~ as I will.





  • Thank you Penny for that reminder. It is so easy to "waste" time....
  • Dawn , I am looking forward to seeing the second episode. such fun to watch. Have fun at APA I wish I could be there with you. Let us know all the good stuff you learn etc... Positive thoughts keep on flying....PS Did you sign up for ACX.com  It is an awesome site. I signed up immediately and happily have been offered (and accepted) a book   yabadabadoo!!!.....

  • Thanks for the Food 4 Thought, Penny. I've been paying more attention in the last few weeks to how I ACTUALLY spend my time...so your words really hit home.
  • Penny, very inspiring and very true!
  • Christine,

    I just saw your post about Vanessa Hart and I agree.  Isn't she great?!?  I always refer back to my notes from sessions with her whenever I am working on any kind of recording.  Vanessa is a honey and she has helped so many of us get into the AB biz.  If it hadn't been for Vanessa (and Penny), I would still be sitting here in Moose Jaw saying to myself "I wonder if I can do audio books?" 


    Vanessa Hart rocks!!!  If any of you PTUers can get to Vanessa's workshop, go go GO!!!

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