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  • my thoughts are with you, bob and cathy... sending as much positive energy your way as i can...
  • Attention, everyone.

    One of our dear members is facing great difficulty right now. Bob Hurley's wife, Cathy, is in the hospital fighting for her life right now. Can you please send some extra prayers and positive thoughts their way?





  • Zurek - we need a "like" button.   So many wonderful bits of inspiration posted over the past few days.   Thank you to you all!  I was sent the clip that Andy posted a few days ago and could hardly speak for sobbing.   That boy's life is going to change so much now and he has certainly earned every good thing that comes to him.   I can't even begin to imagine my boys at that age fending for themselves in the streets.  So, so sad.  We are all so truly lucky compared to so many others in the world.  Whatever problems I may have, they are so minor compared to what so many others have to endure that I'm embarassed to even be caught complaining about them - so I won't!  Lot's of wonderful things are happening for me in my career and my connection to many of you here always helps me to move forward on my chosen path so I just want to say thank you to you all.   (O,K, now I'm tearing up - think I'll blame it on menopausal hormones; I'm a batty as a teenager some days.   No offense to any of you teenagers out there!)  Please take a moment to watch episode 3 of Poker Girls which was released last Friday.    I'm very proud of the work I did in that episode (and, if you haven't seen episode 1 or 2, better watch those first or you'll be totally lost!).   Hopefully we'll be moving off of the internet and onto a TV screen near you soon.   Have a great day everyone.



  • Wow! I just watched the video.

    As Andy says, after learning of this young man's struggle and determination, we do have the duty to reach for the stars.

    But we also have the ultimate responsibility to express our gratitude for ALL the blessing we have in our lives! Show your gratitude TODAY!

    Thanks Andy - this is exactly the type of thing that belongs on PTU!





  • Thanks, Andy, for the inspiration and the lesson.
  • Abandoned at 3 years old. Hard to imagine what that would do to a child.
  • I always come back to this forum whenever I feel down. 

    Andy - Thank you so, so, so very much for that clip.  Very inspiring.  I cried "for happy" and will take the feeling into my day today.

  • Wow! Incredible heart wrenching story. Glad you didn't post something else, Andy.

    Thanks for the tears.

  • Thanks Andy.Wonderful story.Have a great day everyone.

  • I was going to post something else today, but I just watched this video and am still struck by the story behind the performer.

    With all my opportunities in life after seeing this I realise I have a duty to reach for the stars. Just watch it, you'll understand what I mean.

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