A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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    Welcome aboard Jeff! Work hard and stay positive, just like the rest of us!

  • Welcome Jeff! Our family loves Nantucket
  • Yay Dan!
  • Welcome Jeff - you found the right spot! Daniel - LOVE that post! Happy Holidays to all. Know that you are all safe, secure and deeply loved.
  • Can one hate one aspect of their life and not have it effect another?  For me it does.  I spent a whole lot of wasted energy hating my old job, my business.  Blaming them for not succeeding in other areas.  Hate is a powerful emotion and expends much energy and attracts more of the same.  Blame is just an excuse.  Love though is a much more powerful state of being and emotion.  I am learning to live in love and love living.
  • Welcome Jeff.  We don't bite much.
  • Welcome Jeff. It's a cool pool ! Jump on in!
  • Welcome, Jeff! Thanks for joining us and for sharing your story!!


  • Penny,

    Love your story!

    Mine's not that far off...I'm 43, and just starting out in VO during the past year.  Very happily  married for 13 years with 2 great kids...one of each!  I've done A LOT in my 43 years!  I spent a number of years working for Pulte Homes...5th largest home builder in the world...running construction sites the corporate way; 7 years as an OTC Equity Trader on Wall St.; Senior Project Manager for a custom home builder on Nantucket; started & still own & operate a Property Management company, as well as a mosquito killing business that is seasonal out here on the island; I have a product I've invented that is still in the works, but slowly moving forward...I'm educated as an Aeronautical Engineer as well as certifeied as a Commercial Pilot...and in my spare time, I've been brewing my own craft beer for about 17 years!

    Why VO, you ask?  Well, since I was a young man, I've been told (way too many times to count) that I have a great voice...a memorable voice...a recognizable voice.  That planted the seed long ago, but I simply knew nothing about this business...period. And always seemed too crazy and busy to look into it! 

    Now I've read a few books, installed a basic home studio to practice with, begun work with some voice coaches here on the east coast...in essence, getting ready to jump right in with both feet! 

    Glad to be member 997!  I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing as things progress!



  • I KNOW!!!'m. Is that cool, or what??????
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