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  • http://www.foxalabamalive.com/ for live video feed on the devastation around here stadewide.
  • Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers.  We have received word that there are several trucks full of stuff on the way from around the South East.  I hope that that will take care of the need for all the clothing.  We don't have much materially, but what we do have we have already donated, i.e. clothes that my daughter has out grown, etc.  I will go donate blood (I'm O+) as soon as the uproar kind of settles down some and they get a bit more organized.  I have started a blog on my web site ( www.jackinthebooth.com ) to kind of keep the latest info available to the community as best as I can.  Please visit my blog and contribute if you wish.  Thanks one and all.  As for me and mine, we are so very thankful that we actually had a home to return to after the shelter experience.  My wife has a temp job helping do clean-up.  She would dearly love to get some vo gigs; she is fluent in Spanish.  I'll have to teach her how to use my recording set up and get her practice using some of the many available "practice" scripts available on a couple of sites that I have access to like Voices.com and Voices123.com.  Again thanks to everyone for the support.
  • Penny, you were the first to welcome me back in 2009! Thank you! I have neglected this "Universe" for way too long. It has called me back and I'm jumping in with all of me! I look forward to sharing part of the journey with your group here.


  • Folks,

    Knowing all of you, I probably don't even need to ask, but let's join together to send all the love and positive energy we can for the folks who have lost so much. Donate to the Red Cross if you can.

    And one more thing. In this time of such tragedy, be sure to express your thanks for all that you have - especially your safety and that of your families. When we feel so helpless, sometimes it's the only thing that will help us.

  • Right now the biggest need is clothes.  So many people have lost EVERYTHING.  Even need underwear and socks here in Tuscaloosa.  EVERYTHING that they had is just GONE, evaporated, house, cars, clothes, you name it.  Just GONE.  VANISHED.
  • I just can't believe it yet, the heart of our town is ripped out, the entire business sector is just GONE.  Stuff falling in towns from us some 125-150 miles away.  Unreal.
  • Some really great coverage by our Birmingham tv station myfoxal.com  We had a University Alabama senior that was missing.  Her parents flew in from TX to try to look for her.  She was interviewed early this AM by Fox.  This PM they said that shortly after that interview it was terrible news for the parents, a nightmare.  I can't get my mind around that one.
  • Oh my goodness, Kevin! I can't begin to imagine. Thank God you and your family are safe. Lots to be grateful for!!!!
  • Just in case no one has heard, my town, Tuscaloosa, AL is just about half just GONE.  It's horrible.  myfoxal.com is doing all day coverage.  Videos are just not like being there.  We are OK and we actually had a home to come back to after the shelter.  You can't imagine how scary it is.  On You Tube one can search for Tuscaloosa Tornado for yesterday, the 27th.
  • I worked as a paralegal/legal secretary for 30 years and hated during the last few years after my longtime employer (21 years) passed from cancer.  The field has really changed; there are a lot of neurotic, egotistical, and incompetent folks in the field now.  It's a shame because the people who suffer are the clients.  I'm back in school now and pursuing my love of literature, theater, and art.  I've never been happier in my life.
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