A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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    The world connected in song

  • Hey Gary! Welcome to PTU.  I'm just checking in for my fix...so to speak....it's a great group of happy people....


  • Welcome, Gary!

    We're so happy you've joined us! We'll take all the positive thinkers we can get, right folks?




  • Psssssst! We are only 8 members away from having 1000 positive minds in our group!

    Keep watching for the big announcement!



  • Never been part of group in the voiceover arena.  And positive thinking is huge in this day in age.

    I have certianly been on the receiving end of the opposite side of thinking - downsized in the 90's and what do they call it now?  De-regularise (something like that).  So I left CBS in 2007, to push forward in VO's and with my positive thinking, also to help others who are new to the industry.

    So I work closely now with Positive Thinkers on the interrnet where we talk about everything - where (confidence) is a major subject, needed in every aspect of our daily life.  So thumbs-up on this group, I look forward to talking and meeting everyone.

  • Hi Vicki,

    Yes, it is kind of a jolt when you realize you realize you are "in charge" and that you have control of how your life proceeds! I am reminded of this every day. Some days I to really have to concentrate!

    We have much in common, you and I. So glad you are here at PTU with us!




  • I am sort of relating to this at this time in my life.  I have been feeling like my voice over career (which I have yet to start) is going to be stronger than my hypnotherapy career (still getting off the ground).  Others have told me the same.  I meditated about this and said, "But I want to help people!"  The answer came to me quite clearly that it is more important to help myself, and the voice overs would do that...even though both would be part of my life.  You do have to help yourself first, and it starts in the morning when you wake up.  Ask yourself, "Am I excited about my day?  Am I neutral?  Is there some unexplained depression lingering over me?"  I have been climbing that ladder...paying more attention to it, now that I have the time, and trying to get to the excited mood.  Just the other day, noticing I was neutral, I reminded myself that I actually have control of my life (a fairly new concept for me).  I felt SO much better!  While I have been in this transition state, I have been using the law of attraction to tell myself that money is coming to me from various places.  And since I started this, it truly has.  I continue to trust that all is going to work out perfectly.  And the more I help myself with this positive thinking, the more I can help others.

    This piece was written primarily for women, but I think it applies to all of us who run our own businesses. It's good advice from a very wise woman.

    Snap Out of It!

    From the book, Oil for Your Lamp~ Women Taking Care of Themselves

    By Lisa Hammond

    Over the years, as my dream of empowering and inspiring women expanded and grew, so did the time and energy required to fulfill that dream. As many entrepreneurs can relate, the “start up years” last far longer than can be imagined. I have joked that owning your own business means you can set your own hours – yep, you get to pick any 18 hours a day you want to work!

    Rarely did I ever take a real day off. Even when I took a “vacation” the laptop, cell phone and work came with me. As the owner of the company, I was never off duty. After almost a decade like this, true exhaustion set in and health challenges were mounting. My body started refusing to comply with this inhumane schedule.

    I wish I could report to you that as soon as my body spoke up, I listened. I want to tell you that I wised up and started to take better care of myself. But that would be a lie. I am ashamed to admit while I was telling other women to nurture themselves; I was spreading myself far too thin.

    The passion to help other women was stronger than the call to help myself and I unwisely started another business. Yet, even with the best infrastructure in place and devoting endless hours to the new business, it became a financial and emotional bottomless pit. It had finally depleted every ounce of energy I had left. It was a wakeup call for me.

    We all have to start with ourselves. It was time to walk my talk. I had to get serious about putting oil into my very depleted lamp. I began a journey of making very difficult decisions. I started removing things from my life that were not filling up my cup and adding things that brought joy back into my life. Some changes were sweeping, other changes were small. I started cooking again and I started writing more, something I rarely had time for with my old work schedule. I tended to my garden, weeding out the draining things, and planting more of the things that replenished my spirit.

    It wasn’t easy for me to admit how far off track I had gotten. After all, it was my mission in life to inspire and empower other women, and here I was failing at that for myself. However, the gift of burnout, and a soul crying out for OIL, finally snapped even me out of it!





  • Just watched again Penny. And it IS a beautiful day.
  • KC,
    Younger in good hands. Enjoy the ride.
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