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  • Aloha and Goodmorning.....something for you to think about ....


    From Great Day


    When the magic begins

    You’re only a moment away from being more positive and effective than you’ve ever been. You’re only a moment away from living life at its highest level.

    The only thing holding you back is your choice to keep yourself back. That’s a choice you can change right now.

    You’ve gone long enough evading and avoiding your best possibilities. Now it’s time to accept that you’re absolutely worthy of the rich, fulfilling life you truly desire.

    That life can begin to be yours right now. That life can start the moment you decide to stop hiding from the unique beauty of who you truly are.

    Yes, it will take effort, determination, faith, commitment and discipline. And every moment of it will be infused with the irreplaceable joy of knowing you’re being true to your own highest destiny.

    Go ahead, from where you are, with what you have, and choose to be an active participant in the unfolding of your best possibilities. This is your life, this is your day, and this is when the magic begins.

    — Ralph Marston

    The Daily Motivator - Something you can love
    This is the moment you have, this is the moment you are living. To find the very best in it give your very best to it, with love leading the way.
  • Welcome Gillian - and thank you for sharing your story with us!

    Hilary Blair is wonderful - you've couldn't have started with a better teacher. Please give her my best wishes.

    It's funny how things tend to come full circle, isn't? I know the reason I am so happy now is because I am following my true calling. I knew what it was when I was very young but, like you, others things became more important for a time. I will always be so grateful that I have been granted this "second chance."

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!






    You guys have some great stories.  I was a late bloomer myself in the voiceover arena.

    After a short tour in the military (Army Tactical Communication), I was heading for a career in the music industry as a Recording Engineer. 


    My interest started as a musician - but I found a strong interest of working behind the scenes.  So off to school (this was the mid 80's) 2 years college in Seattle, plus the Recording Workshop in Ohio.

    At that time schools were qualifying engineers, and were kicking them out left & right – we were running into not enough studios...  So I toured as a soundman with: The Beach Boys, George Burns, Sheena Easton, Red Skelton, Frankie & Annette, the Association and many, many (did I say many?) more...  The stories oh wow: jamming with Bo Diddley, talking about Production Companies with Dean Torrence and playing football with the Oak Ridge Boys was my life in those early days - long hours of load-in, set-ups and load-outs, I was getting burned out...


    Around that time, I was talking with a friend, who was a local DJ at the time - he sparked the interest of radio (again).

    See I had looked into radio in the early 80's, even went to a fairly well known broadcast school here in the northwest (I think they were all over at the time).  Where I was told by the instructor - "You just don't have the voice for this industry". 

    I am glad I didn't take what he said to heart - Oh and that well known broadcast school closed their doors a few years later (money issues) and was never heard from again...


    Anyway flash forward, 1989 (I was 28) went and got my FCC license, walked in off the street at a local radio station (a little 3000 watt), and within an hour’s time - I had the gig...   I grew as an on-air personality which opened many doors. 

    By 1992, I was back in Seattle (my home) working for the number #1 country station as on-air & commercial production director.

    Since then I have worked in radio from Texas to Washington State.  I left CBS in 2007, working with independent radio shows, as a Creative Director, Voice Talent, Writer, Producer and Consultant.

    I still miss the early day and the people, but radio as an industry has changed.  But it got me started as a voice talent and for that I am thankful.


    I operate my own studio – where I still produce a few radio programs with hosts all over.  In 2006, I started producing a few internet radio programs, which really grew.  I have had shows in the UK, Japan, Australia, Canada all over the place – and since 2006 to (now) 2011 I have produced around 6000 internet radio programs.  

    But I am focusing on my freelance voiceover career now – voicing in every aspect, but I would love to get in on the Halloween industry – music, stories, props, etc.  So if anyone knows or has a connection let me know and checkout my Hunchy character on the my VU page…  Hunchy was noticed by a certain mouse in southern California…  Noticed is good, kind of like Nominated - but still haven't won the award, it will happen :)


  • Hi Penny, I just wanted you to know that I just read your story above and so much of it resonated with me.  I was 46 years old, (stayed at home for 15 years raising 3 boys) when I took my first VO class with Hilary Blair at Denver Center Theatre Academy and now two years later, I'm still at home, but trying to pursue this career.  It's fabulous that you found your love when you were 47 and I agree that age is a frame of mind.  


    For a while there, as a stay at home mum, I would really fret about "what I really wanted to do with my life," and when I moved out to Colorado a few years ago from the East Coast, I just decided I had no more time to lose.  My kids were getting more independent and I decided to start the process of 'action' and since then I have just been pulling in some great people into my life from the voice over world.  It is truly a great community of people.


    I have a wonderful book that I bought when my first son was only two years old... The  Artist's Way... A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity .....I picked it up the other week for the first time in years and was looking over some of the exercises I had done.  (I worked very hard on my Morning Pages all those years ago) Pencilled in by one of the questions ..... as something I enjoyed and wanted to do more of .... I had written 'acting and reading out aloud.'  That was before I even knew what the word 'voiceover' was.  


    I'm still very 'green', and I'm just starting out, but I do have a vision for myself and hope to look back when I'm 60 and feel really satisfied and happy with what I have accomplished.  Thanks for sharing your inspiring story Penny!



  • Oh, Andy...I saw this one yesterday on Face Book and yes indeed it is a tear jerker.  In a good way!  Thanks for sharing it with PTU.
  • Oh boy Andy, that just made this Oregon boy cry. Thank you for sharing this.  What a great lesson in character.


  • Here I am blubbing away-Thanks Andy!!- gotta go put my makeup on again!! Great story.
  • Chuck: very.... Hope it help to top up the jacuzzi, and didn't go to waste ;-)
  • Ok Andy. You made me CRY! HAPPY NOW?
    Thanks my friend.
  • I love how we help one other with our VO work - indeed my thanks to Mehmet Onur just yesterday for letting me use his studio to record a promo. Apart from anything his being there, plus the capabilities of his shotgun mic enabled me to capture the right sound for the job (I hope!)

    I don't believe we're in competition with each other, and while this video contains many lessons, it also shows that sometimes by helping the other team to win, one can earn a very special personal victory.

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