A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Congrats Darla, I'm so proud of ya. Stay Focused, looks like your on your way, OK, pass the candle this way, LOL. Much success to to you.
  • Good morning PTU!! 

    I am having fun this morning.  I'm doing character breakdowns before narrating a new audio book (YAAAY).  It's a tedious but NECESSARY chore!  Vanessa, Penny, James, Julie (and others whose names I don't remember) drummed it into me to NEVER, EVER skip this part!!  Actually, it's kinda fun 'cuz I get to use coloured pencils. LOL!

  • I was feeling down until I received an e-mail (last night) about a possible audio book project.  Penny and Vanessa know about it, but I can't elaborate here.  The e-mail was the result of someone "lighting a candle" for me.  A friend contacted another friend and, now, I am again on the path that will lead to my goals.  That "candle" plus positive vibes from ppl on PTU are paying off.  Now, it's my turn to light a candle for someone.  So, the flame can move on....paid forward...
  • I once did an experiment and put a whole load of half used candles in a jar... packed them in.

    The flame got so big, the jar literally exploded!

    As for my friend who had a cake with as many candle as years for his 40th birthday, let's just say the icing (glazing or frosting depending on your local choice of word...) was interesting that year!

  • Indeed, Aubrey!

    Keeping that trust and open communication with your agent is invaluable.  It is again another example of this quote:

    "A candle is never diminished by lighting another candle"

    which is exactly what you did when you referred your client to your agent. And, in the end, you both won!

    It's great to have you with us! Thanks for sharing your story!





  • Hey everyone!


    I can't believe I joined the group nearly 2 months ago and this is just my first entry - I need to get with it!  But in spite of my delay, I've been receiving all the positive vibes and energy coming from this group, and it certainly feels good.


    Since the start of the year, I'm happy to say that I've been busy with quite a few on-camera projects like Glucerna, AAA, and more.  Then about a month ago, the studio where I produced my first VO demo called me to verify my contact info (they were updating their talent database).  They asked me if I was still with my agent and I said "of course"; then they asked for bookings, if I wanted them to contact me directly, or to go through my agent.  Remembering a key piece of advice my coach gave me years ago, I told them to go through my agent. 


    CLASS MOVE.  Yesterday I got a call from my agent booking me for a project by that studio.  After 10 years, this further solidifies the relationship between me and my agent, who knows that I networked with this studio on my own and could have easily kept my agent out of any bookings by them (i.e. 100% of the pay - GREEDY), but chose to have the studio work through my agent.  This builds credibility and trust, and I'm so optimistic about this, I truly believe this can increase my potential for future bookings and repeat work with the same clients (at least I hope it does!)

  • Ward,

    It seems that words are insufficient for expressing our care and concern for you at this devastating time. Please know that my prayers and positive thoughts are definitely with you... If there is ANYTHING I can do for you as you deal with the devastation in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, please don't hesitate to ask...


    My prayers  and positive thoughts are and continue to be with you...

    Randi T.



  • I just wanted to share my free music with everyone!  It's positive, upbeat and makes you THINK positive!  Feel free to download and share it.  I'd really like your feedback as well.  Thank GOD for the field of voice over to be able to record my own vocals for my songs!  What a blessing.  :)






    Brad Dassey

    Music Producer/Voice Actor


  • Darla this is so true. I am in the middle of a recording one right now and I find myself making it a 'chore'-mainly I think, because I am doing the recording, editing etc..too which is out of my comfort zone !! I love doing audio books too! Gotta keep those positive voices going in my head :-) Be well

  • I need to remind myself to have FUN when doing voice overs.  Especially the audio books...I LOVE to do audio books. 
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