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  • Had a rehearsal for "The Vagina Monologues" last night and met many enthusiastic women.  Gave them a mini-workshop on using warm-ups and improving acting skills.  One of the women contacted me today to thank me for working with her son as his speech therapist ages ago.  She said that now "He is graduating this year [from university] and is not the little turtle he used to be". 


    Okay...feeling old now (LOL)

  • just turned my latest audiobook over to the editors - this was the first one done under the new audible.com AFTRA contract - a good rate, plus H & R, plus they pay for editing - I say AMEN! What fun! And today I'm giving myself a well deserved day off - double yippee! Have a great weekend all -
  • WOW!  This has been a marvelous week at The VoiceActing Academy! Monday was an amazing Free call with Bobbin Beam, then a really fun class with our Advanced Group on Tuesday, a planning meeting with our wonderful Connie Mustang on Wednesday, Studio Hotline on Thursday, and now a beautiful, warm, and sunny Friday to record several projects and work on promos for upcoming events. I love my job!


    Hello weekend! You're going to be fantastic too ~ I can just feel it!





  • Christine,

    I am not sure which demo you are referring to as "abc".  Could you enlighten me, please?

  • My website cost me a total of around $86 for a year. That included the design (done by me using templates), domain registration, and SEO tools. I used Go Daddy as well.

    Hey Penny,
    I don't even know myself that well!
  • Do you mind my asking was the website expensive????

    I am still in silent mode so I am not doing any auditions, sigh.
    I am going to work on my profile and get some more of my other work posted.

    Christine Ivy
  • Thanks for your comments Christine & Jack.  Christine I did make up the phone commercial.  The website was done by GoDaddy.
  • Ron, you are so funny...think you know me pretty well, do you? :-)


    I was going to let this run for a while so that we can not only help Jack with his technical problems but give him some positive boosts as well.


    Good information from everyone.





  • Darla, I just listened to abc, podcast, comercial demos, You have amazing gift with your voice, I loved hearing it!! In abc I could feel the whip, your commercial was fun, I especially enjoyed the snore at the end, LOL! Did u create your phone demo, just curious. I really like the website and slogan. Who did your website???

    Overall, I was impressed and pleased!!_ Way to go.

    BTW I am in silent mode again cuz of no voice, so I will continue to be a cheerleader from the sidelines...go Darla!!!

    Christine Ivy
  • Thanks, Ken.  I have Soundbooth CS5 and I just got an education about how to do noise profiling.  MAN, POWERFUL "little" tool.  Amazing.  They sure have improved the HELP area on this.  But they still got a LONG way to go in that area.


    Thanks, Ron.  I've been checking out LibriVox and I might try doing some stuff there, one never knows who's "listening" in and maybe I'll get discovered.  Right now I'm trying learn more about iMagicNet.  I'm not used to using templates, I learned HTML the long way, on Notepad by hand.  My iPhone just educated my wife and I, when you open Calculator up and then turn it sideways, it looks just like and old TI Scientific, wow...

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