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  • I'm really surprised Penny hasn't jumped in to this thread to "re-track" it. So, until then; Jack, follow that link I posted in the Facebook thread about audiobooks. That is the best info available. If you have the knack for it, then the advice on that audioseminar will help. Keep a stiff upper lip and work on your marketing.
  • If the software allows to use that sample, that's what you're looking for. In Audition/Cool Edit, it's a button that says "get profile from selection" It also allows you to save it as a custom file to use again later. Audacity also allows it, but I think calls it something else and it's been years since I've been in that program to remember it exactly... But that's what you'll use as a basic noise reduction file. It shouldn't need changed unless you physically change something in the room or recording set up.
  • Looks nice, Darla.
  • OK, Ken, I recorded the 20 secs, now what.  I could use a bit more detail of a typical sound signature for the room to run against my recordings.  Thanks.
  • I've updated my website at https://darlasvoice.net/Home_Page.html

    I hope some of you can check it out and tell me what you think of it.  Many more demos on it now.

  • Jack, see if your software has a custom noise reduction feature. Most do. record 20 seconds of room silence to save as a profile, then run it on each recording before sending it out.
  • The only thing that maybe I walked away with was that they (123) could hiss in my recordings.  I've gone into my audio editor and applied the FIX/REMOVE HISS algorithm and we'll see what comes of it.  I'm really one to just rush in and do things like I used to.  I did once with my wife when we were driving long-haul trucking.  I won't do that again.  I'll coast along a while and see how it goes with that piece of info being applied to everything.  They said it was because of my USB mic.  I don't know, I could tell some kind of difference in clips afterward, we'll see.
  • If voice123 tells you to buy more equipment....what does that tell you about voice123? They want you to keep paying them no matter what. I have three basic pieces of gear and the VO guy who coaches "The Simpsons" actors told me he couldn't tell where my demo was done but that it was good. I said "thanks, I did it in my basement." he had no comment. A good mic, dependable recording software, and what else?? Don't give up man.
  • Yeah, I know, it's not what you know but who you know.  It's everwhere.  I just got off Support at 123 and all they could tell me is buy more and better equipment.  But I can't.  I'm trying to support a family of 3 on SS Disability of about $1600; that's room, board, utilities, car insurance, etc.  But they can't tell me how I'm supposed to pay for all that and that I need to find an ISDN studio to use which isn't free either.  Besides, ISDN is on the way out.  I had some coaching by Terry Daniel and we can't get a demo cd done because there's no studios in the area.  So I guess I'm just done.  All I seem to get you need to buy this and buy that, like gold rush in Cal, mine the miners and make a great living.  I can only do so much with what I have.
  • Hey Jack...yes it is daunting and sometimes downright DEPRESSING! I have been in and out of the biz for 15 years and am just now, after raising a family, taking it seriously. Just like the on camera actors, we get 1,000 NO's and ONE YES. Its not for everyone, this industry. Notice how people who aren't making it, end up teaching? Who is this VOICEOVER NINJA guy? Kevin somebody?? Who is he? Why am I listening to him?? LOL Some really successful VO people have told me the same basic principles: AWESOME DEMO (always tweaking it), SELF PROMOTION, and BEING IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME. I personally believe that number three is the real factor. A very popular voice guy once told me, "Mark, everybody has a good voice. Listen closely to the top promo and commercial folks on TV.....whats the difference? Not much other than they had lunch with the right guy or gal." END QUOTE AND HOPE THE POINT HAS BEEN MADE. Hang in there Jack....or don't. In the end, it is your decision brother. I personally hate to see you give up! I have long dry spells and then BAM two or three jobs in a week. Now, as far as audio book work, I dont see anyone on these boards "giving up" any real info....and I guess I dont blame them! LOL
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