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  • Good for you, Dawn!  I hope you nail the part!!

  • @Dawn... positive vibes coming your way!

    My news from yesterday is great... a definite series of fillers (I can't remember the posh word for these!) which will be shown throughout the day, and we're working on an idea for a magazine programme to start this summer. But... this is just the start! Both the channel and I are looking at the long term as one of a developing relationship, so there'll be more news to come, I'm sure!

    Remember, this was an opportunity I nearly walked passsed (literally). So go talk to someone, you never know they might have been waiting for your call or visit.

  • Positive Vibes on their way, Dawn! How exciting!!!


  • Wonderful news Andy!  Now I need some positive vibes sent out to the universe for me please.  I am being considered for a lead in a new animated series!  The decision will be made in the next few days so your positive vibes would be much appreciated.  Thanks and take care all!
  • I changed my profile info and demos at Voices.com.  And I just gave GoDaddy a long list of changes for my website.  All of this should help with getting jobs.  It would be nice to get something!
  • First off, Narada, very nice and SIMPLE to follow website!  I just have one suggestion.  I'd make it so that the intro doesn't play automatically.  You never know if a potential client forgot to turn their speakers down or off before hitting your site and all of a sudden, BOOM, something loud comes out and startles them!  Just sayin'.


    Other than that.  I wrote a nice blog about SPRING!  What's YOUR favorite season and why?  Do you remember any fond childhood memories when you were growing up that you'd like to share?


    I shared my story at my blog here: http://yourprayercloset.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/the-spring/  Feel free to read.


    I hope everyone has a blessed day in the LORD.  Amen.



  • Andy well done.Your persistence and determination will definitely pay off. Best wishes.Will be thinking of you!  Isn't Serendipity wonderful!!
  • Dear Woody,

    I am so sorry for your loss! Losing a part of your family , like Ziggy, is so painful! I do hope it will not be long before you can remember him without hurting .I too know how much it can hurt.I'm quite sure you are the best person and he knew it! Peace my friend

  • As well you should be, Andy! This is a perfect example of the tenacity we need in this business! A NO today very often turns into a YES tomorrow! Good for you!


  • "It's serendipitous that you should drop by"... Yes, these were the very words which greeted me ten days ago when I met the production manager of a cable news station here in Istanbul for the first time.

    Within a week I had recorded narrations for two episodes of a new documentary series, and tomorrow I am meeting with the company to get to know each other better and explore how our relationship might develop.

    Indeed, it looks like the timing is perfect, as the station is undergoing many changes. We'll be discussing both voice over and on-camera possibilities, so please have your positive thoughts channelled in my direction tomorrow afternoon (3pm local, this will be as you in the US are waking up on Thursday morning!)

    I'm excited!

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