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  • I've had a positive week.  Both of my coaches told me that i have improved a lot.  Ran into the first professional coach who got me started by telling me that he thought i had potential (Dan Willmott).  He, also, thinks that i have improved and gave me some encouraging words.  And last, but not least, got a diploma in the mail from Medical Mumbo.  Like i said...a positive week!
  • Great idea, Penney! And Happy New Year to you and yours - and everyone in PTU...
  • Thanks Penny, I'm going to do that, great idea!  So glad you're feeling better :)
  • Love this idea Penny!   And....you have an I-Pad?!  I'm envious! :-)    Happy New Year!  Hugs, Jeff

  • What a perfectly wonderful idea Penny. Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year to you my friend :)

    Here’s a novel idea for the New Year.

    Rather than making resolutions (which, let’s face it, rarely “take”) how about this – sit down and create 365 reasons to celebrate in 2011.

    365 may sound like a huge number, but this is how you do it. Just count your blessings. You will find that coming up with 365 is a snap!

    Just start counting everything you consider a blessing in your life – those people and things you are really grateful for or especially like – both BIG and SMALL. Start a document (or hand-write)a list with 365 numbers and start filling them in. Here are the first 20 on my list. Remember, they don’t have to be in any particular order – just write them as they come to mind.

    1. My Good Health
    2. My Husband - Les
    3. My Hands
    4. My Refrigerator
    5. My House
    6. My Car
    7. My Kids – Tim and Ben
    8. My Grandkids – Danara, Jessie, Lilly and Lessly
    9. My Voice
    10. My Partner -Jim Alburger
    11. My VoiceActing friends
    12. My Education
    13. My iPad, iPhone, and computer
    14. Food
    15. Cable TV - DVR
    16. Photoshop!
    17. Candles
    18. My Bunny Slippers
    19. The Internet
    20. Music

    Funny thing will happen – you’ll find yourself “on a roll” once you get started. The purpose of this exercise is to help you focus on all the wonderful things you have in your life. If you’ll do this, you’ll find it’s impossible to:

    1st Feel sorry for yourself, and
    2nd Complain about the things you DON’T have!

    I encourage you to make a list of all 365 so that you will have something to celebrate every single day next year – but even if you don’t make it to that particular number; you will find yourself smiling a little more this year! Look at your list every morning and be truly grateful for that blessing. You will find you will be far more appreciative of all your blessings and for the people in your life in 2011.

    Happy New Year, everyone!


  • Here's 2min of sweet music from my friend Allan Blackwell http://bit.ly/hGtoJg he sang all 65 tracks individually with no copy and paste WOW
  • All that is Good

    Best wishes and warm greetings to each of you on PTU!





  • Penny,

    Happy to hear your doing Awesome!


  • Hi Penny,


    I know how you feel because I myself have just had surgery myself for my back after being in so much pain I could not walk without help.  I felt love from all of my friends and family and had so many people praying for me...some I did not even know.  I pray for a speedy recovery and plenty of pain meds to keep the pain away. My you have a wonderfully peaceful and joyous Christmas as you get back to being yourself.


    Pedro Pozo

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