A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Great to see you back.  Video was wonderful, thanks for sharing.  I just added a pix to  my profile you might like.
  • Anne-Marie! I am from Houston now working in Michigan as full time VO. Any chance you could voice my demo intro?? Your voice and accent are FANTASTIC.

    -Markham  281-513-6580

  • Ron, Thats good to hear...and I bet it boosted your spirit too...because it really boosted mine..CONGRATS
  • Good on ya, Ron!  Good lesson- to Hang in There.  Thanks!



  • W. Thomas...all I can say is "I envy you".  Glad you were able to work with those coaches. 
  • Just when I thought a client had decided to go in another direction, they turned out to just be busy with other things. . .like me!  Heard from them today and our project is on!  Also, I have to say, don't be afraid to barter your services if the situation is right.  Good to get that foot in the door. 


    Keep it up, people!

  • WOW!  That's all I can say! Just got home from a FULL day with Pat Fraley and Carrington MacDuffie.  Two of the most talented teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. 

    Just off the heels of a weekend with The Three Voicekeeteers in L.A. I get reinforced with the likes of Pat and Carrington.  I feel ready for anything!

    It really all goes back to Penny and James who, through Voice 2010, brought me and sooo many others into contact with the most incredible people in this wonderful industry. 

  • Hey everybody I have been away for quite some time just a lot of stuff going on.  The good news is I have my first demo on my VU profile page.  If you want to take a listed please feel free.  Blessings:)  Christine Ivy
  • I'm thrilled today because the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston just hired me to do 7 podcast audio tours for the brand new Arts of the Americas wing in English and Spanish! Why they did so is what makes me happy - my branding and marketing has paid off - it's always so hard to measure, but I know it's so because I was referred to the MFA by a script writer for museums who hired me last summer when she found me through google (!), loved my work and highly recommended me for  voice-overs in both my native languages as well as translation services. It so happens, that doing museum work is one of my VERY favorite types of narration work (along with children's audio books/eLearning and documentaries)! I feel like 2011 is starting out with a bang, and being part of this positive forum, plus a few others I've recently joined, has lifted my spirits and gotten me to be much more proactive at crafting marketing that helps the kinds of jobs I want to come to me more readily. That is exciting to me and I am grateful Penny, for your webinar of some time back through Voiceoverextra (thanks John Florian) for contributing to my new strategy for growing my VO biz :-) ¡Gracias!   P.S. I plan to attend Faffcon in late Feb. in case anyone else is going - let me know as I'd love to meet you in Atlanta!
  • Congrats, Darla! That's terrific news! Isn't it wonderful when you work at your passion?


    You're on a roll now, girl! Keep goin' strong!





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