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  • Certainly, Penny!


    Sorry about that...




    Minister Brad Dassey


  • Folks, if you'd like to continue this discussion on training, please start a discussion group here on PTU. I like to keep this page just for positive notes if encouragement or to share your successes with all of. It easy to start a separate discussion. Thanks!


  • Luckily, I had pretty good professors in college who told me when I was good and when I sucked. Their honesty stays with me to this day. I am my own worst critic when it comes to reads. I think this has helped me more than lessons to this point.
  • No problem!  I mean, to each their own.  I really would spend LESS money, make the mistakes and learn a whole lot more, than just flat out pay a coach $800 dollars or so...  But that's just me.  ;-)


    I always tell people, after you record, compare it to something else, or take a closer listen an hour later.  Then you will REALLY see how it sounds!  ;-)

  • Thanks both of you for the diverse answers!
  • Kate - I have a BFA in Theatre and still study and/or do theatre work whenever possible. It is a tremendous asset to be a well trained actor.
  • How many of your voice actor's out there have had any "traditional" acting lessons?  Did you find it valuable?  Why?
  • Christine - I could listen to Darla read that piece all day long as well. It's the perfect match between material and actor. I'm so excited about your book and working with you. Wishing everyone a pitch perfect Thursday.
  • Darla I just listened to your Angels demo, girl I could listen to you all day! I am so incredibly proud of you!!! I hope to start working with Vanessa soon so by the time I have written my children's book, I will be ready to record it myself.
    Christine Ivy
  • Thank you Darla..for the lovely compliment
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