A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • I can't believe I'm just now joining this group Penny! I am already so thankful for all of the kind words and encouragement you have given me, and now I can't wait to be in a group that is all about encouragement! Thank you for starting this group. :)
  • Even if you don't like basketball you gotta see this 12 year old phenom http://bit.ly/hrkC5c
  • Wow!  That's great Darla! Positive Vibes are on their way!


    Say BTW, I you signed up (and paid for) some a private coaching session with Jim and me with while you were at VOICE. Give me a call so we can schedule a time to talk, will ya? 858-484-0220.

    Wish LA was a little closer so I could see you while you're here.  Have a wonderful time! I KNOW you'll learn a lot!!





  • Hey Penny,

    I am coming to the 3 VoiceKeteers, too!  Please send positive vibes to Canada so that there are no snowstorms at either of the airports through which I must travel.  Those would be Regina, Saskatchewan and Calgary, Alberta.  I'm looking forward to the sessions.

  • Stay Tuned!
  • YEAH! I didn't know you were going - that's terrific! You guys are goin' having such a great time! you'll have to tell us all about it!





  • Yes Penny, and another one of your students too.  ME!
  • Love you too! Hey, a couple of our students are coming up there for your 3 VoiceKeteers event - Barry Campbell and Ted Mulder. Cool, huh? I love sending students to such great teachers!





  • thank you my friend for all you do and the magic that you facilitate - you are my inspiration and I love you - xo - V
  • Such great new, Vanessa!!


    We had a wonderful Monday!! One of our Positive Thinkers came to visit us here at The VoiceActing Academy! We welcomed James Phillips visiting here all the way from Barcelona, Spain!

    He's delightful, and we had a lovely visit!  Thanks for stopping by, James!


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