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  • I am pumped and happy today.  The publisher of my first audio book set me a list of fixes that needed to be done.  Why does that make me happy?  Well, first off, there were a lot fewer of them than I had thought there would be.  Then it turns out that many of them are just sentences that need to be omitted because they don't move the narrative along.  Also, I was asked to "tighten up" some parts by reducing the pause times (easy fix).  All in all, I needed to re-record very few of the fixes.  Not bad for a first narration outing, eh? 


    I'm pumped because I LOVE DOING AUDIO BOOKS!  Send me more of them!!

  • Made me smile.  Especially when one of the grandkids said, "full speed ahead".  So cute!!
  • Sorry you haven't heard from me for a while, but I have been enjoying having all my grandkids here for the last couple of weeks. What a joy!

    I am exhausted, but have such wonderful memories. I'd like to share this very short video with you all - it's just the kids playing choo choo train, but it was one of the true joys of my life - to date. Forgive a grandma for showing off her grandkids, but this was a very POSITIVE thing in my life.

     Love you guys!



  • If my son doesn't embody positivity, I don't know what does. You heard his "audiobook" last week (if not, check out my blog!) Keep up with his vo exploits on his own FB (fan) page... http://www.facebook.com/pages/William-Boyns/143849235671434

    Reminds me a little of our favourite cartoon "Phineas & Ferb", in which the boys are asked, "Aren't you a little young to be a...(*)?"

    * insert "voice over star" here.

  • Penny, I trust all is well with you now.  I'm so glad of that.
  • You guys were a BLAST to work with - totally fearless! Well done :)
  • Ditto Darla ! What a fantastic opportunity to get three of the most talented and engaging VO personalities all together at the same time. 

    It was very concentrated and the info/input came hard and fast!  Marc Cashman is one of the most inspiring instructors I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.

    Vanessa and Julie are amazing, each in their own sphere of expertise!

    I had a wonderful time meeting so many talented people; what a great warm and loving "family" VO people are!!!

  • What a GREAT weekend I had!!  I attended the 3 VoiceKeteers workshop and learned so much.  It was my first experience working with Marc Cashman.  He is a great teacher.  All of the VoiceKeteers are!  I just wish that each session could have been longer.  Thanks so much to those mentors for helping us on our voice over journey!!
  • Welcome Emily!  Glad you joined the group. I'm new to the group, too. Best wishes!  Sherry Swenson



  • Welcome, Emily! We're so happy you've joined us!





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