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  • Be well Penny! Positive thoughts coming your way!

  • Wonderful video, demonstrating the power of team-work and having fun. Especially for Penny to wish her well in her operation, that she too may soon again be dancing, and live her favourite quote: "Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music"

  • Healing prayers on their way, Penny. G-d bless ...


    All with you Penny, safe procedure and quick and easy recovery!


    Best Wishes,


  •  If love can protect then you are absolutely invincible Penny. I will be holding you in my heart Wednesday, as will everyone here, hoping everything goes perfect for you and your back.

  • Penny,

               If you need anything while you're in my neck-of-the-woods, please let me know. Best wishes for a safe surgery and speedy recovery.



  • Be well Penny . James said you were going to Scottsale where we live.

     i was at the Audacity class saturday with Barry. All my best to you .

    God be with you .


  • We made it to Scottsdale just fine. UNeventful road trips are always the best! Your wonderful positive energy surrounds me - thanks so much!


    Will keep you informed!





  • I will be praying that surgery goes well for you and that you heal quickly with no complications. Pain-free is a joyful way to begin 2011!

  • Take good care of yourself, Penny. There's lots of love coming your way. :) Wishing you all the best at this special time of year - and all through the next. :) *hugs*
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