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    Wonderful news! It truly will be a very heartfelt Christmas Penny!

  • So glad to here that things look good for you, Penny.  Happy Holidays.

  • I had no doubt we'd hear great news! :) Way to go Penny!!

  • I've been thinking about you, Penny. I'm delighted to hear the positive news about the surgery. Healing thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.
  • Very good to hear the surgery went well! That's a positive note to start the day!

  • SO glad that things went well, Penny. Here's to a speedy recovery!  Rest up and take good care of yourself!  *hugs*

  • Hello,  glad to hear there is a good report.  

    continuing to Pray for you and your family.

    love  to all

  • Thank for the update Les!  Praying for a speedy recovery!

  • Yaay, Penny!    Thanks be!

  • So glad to hear all went well, Penny.  Use your recuperation time to treat yourself to a few indulgences... like an hour staring out the window daydreaming! Your guardian angels will appreciate kicking back too. :-)


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