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  • I am really enjoying doing these audio books! Learning so much as I go. For example...don't narrate or edit when half asleep (LOL).

    While editing this morning, I discovered that I had skipped a page in the narrative of one book and chopped a word in half while editing the other. Oh well...that's what pick-ups are for. The mistakes are fixable and I am learning my limits. Even making mistakes can be fun. (I know that sounds weird, but it's true!)

    Thank you God, for letting me make mistakes in the safety of my editing. This will make me a better narrator and a better editor.
  • Penny - I love your idea. I try to write a thank you note to family and friends each day of Lent, but I love your idea and want to add it to my own ways to say "thank you."
  • Food 4 Thought – December 2010

    It seems like the holidays are the time I make a special effort to make sure others know how important they are to me – and that’s a good thing. But I want to be better about doing the same thing the rest of the year. You might want to think about it too.

    So this year, in JANUARY I will thank my hairdresser for the wonderful care she takes to make my hair look good; in FEBRUARY, my cleaning lady who keeps my home sparkling clean gets a special thanks. MARCH will bring thanks to my husband for standing by my side all these 42 years and in APRIL the Bishop of our church will get a special acknowledgment for his selfless devotion. MAY is for our gardener who truly makes our yard an oasis and in JUNE the president of our homeowners association will get a special card of thanks from me.

    In JULY, the mayor of my town of Escondido will be at the top of my thankfulness list for a job well-done. AUGUST is when I will give special thanks to my business partner, Jim Alburger, for the opportunities (and fun) I have had just by knowing and working with him. Extra special thanks in SEPTEMBER (my birthday month) to my creator for my wonderful life. He receives thanks every day – but extra special around my birthday. OCTOBER is for my sons, Tim and Ben and their wives, Karla and Teresa, and the joy they bring me and in NOVEMBER my grandchildren, Danara, Jessie, Lilly & Lessly. They are too little to truly understand what I’m saying when I say “thanks for being my grandkids,” but I’m saying it anyway. And then I’ll be back at DECEMBER again and that’s for all of you.

    When I started this group just a very few years ago, I never imagined there would be so many wonderful people join together. We are 887 members as of today. Wow. I really had no idea. You are the loveliest people I have ever known. You encourage, console, enlighten each other and do it all with so much love. Thank you for being such an amazing part of my life. While I don’t know each of you individually, know that this lady in San Diego truly cares about and loves you.


    Happy Holidays and big Hugs everyone!
  • I just watched a wonderful PBS show by Wayne Dyer on eliminating all the excuses that we use to prevent us from achieving those things in life that we with we could achieve. Excuses Begone. I strongly recomend it
  • Looks way cool Kerry! Love the Maple leaf!

    Btw to all who have been praying for me and sending positive thoughts, thank u so much they really helped...a little Tylenol hasn't hurt either tee hee.

    So tonight, another performance back to Texas gramma...jeepers lol.


    Christine Ivy

    Btw Andy I am going to make a poster from that sentence: "Physical limitations...its perfect for me and I love it. I will put it up in my studio. Thanks for sharing
  • This looks great Kerry - congrats! Go Darla! and we're all behind you Christine - just look over your shoulder - you'll be great!
  • I'm sorry to hear you got sick but delighted you got the books AND your feeling better and back to recording. I just put some photos of my newly renovated studio on my facebook

  • We are all rooting for you Christine. Have fun with your performances.
  • Christine -

    What Andy said about a strong spirit!! Perfect, that's the real you.

    Love, hugs & prayers,

    Also, a big Thank You to all the members of PTU. I don't often comment but read a lot of the messages. Keeps me going! I have yet to land a job but KNOW this is my calling. You all inspire me.
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