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  • Penny: Had a great time reconnecting with you, James, and Bob this past weekend. . .Humm, there was something else. . .Wait, it'll come to me. . .Oh, yeah, FANTASTIC Animation Workshop! #%^) All kidding aside, thanks for the hospitality you and James showed to all of us this past weekend. Looking forward to our next meeting.

  • Oh! This is a scream! Check it out. If it doesn't make you smile from ear to ear, I'll be surprised!

    We No Speak Americano ft. Cleary & Harding from Up & Over It on Vimeo.



    Sometimes you must fake it until you make it . . . Act yourself into a new way of thinking and think yourself into a new way of acting ~ Willie Jolley

    Hey, gang!

    We've all had to do this at one time or another in our lives and careers. What have been your experiences of "fake it until you make it?"

    Big hugs,

  • Yeah I'm on my second going for third not venti mind you . It's been a few decades since I have had to memorize...tee hee. Now more coffee and back to the script.


    Christine Ivy
  • Have fun with that Christine.....it sounds like something you can do in your sleep....so good thing you are going to Starbucks! ( tee hee)
  • I have a script to memorize so off to to Starbucks I go lol. This is for my church and I am playing a Texas grandma reliving her past to her grandaughter. Lots of character opportunity. So I won't be around for awhile.


    Christine Ivy
  • Darla, I'd LOVE to come play in the snow with you....for a little while...LOL
  • Ha, ha on me. I started reading Chuck's post and got as far as "shoveling 12 yards" and my Saskatchewan mind filled in with "...of snow". Oh boy...that's what I get for reading at 5:30 AM (LOL). Actually, that is a positive thought...I LOVE THE SNOW. Especially now that I am retired and do not have to drive in it. The weather is not snowy yet here, but I am looking forward to it. Granted, I hope we don't get 12 yards of it, but 12 inches would be good for skiing, making snow angels and having general snow-filled fun.
  • Aloha Gang! It's been awhile since I have been able to check in, but I have been following... :) (kind of).....the last little while has been really really hectic...all of it in a good way.

    Between new carpet, shoveling 12 yards of dirt into the back yard, trying to earn a living and doing my first audio book, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day....but that is POSITIVELY not a good enough excuse to not check in with your friends. So please forgive me. ( Aw c'mon, I'll buy the blue umbrella drinks ) ...
  • My apologies regarding posting the personal blog link and question in this forum. Thank you for the gentle reminder, Penny.
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