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  • Welcome home Darla! Sounds like you had a blast - parasailing -WOW - I'm impressed as well - can't wait to hear all about it -
  • Back from Cancun. Parasailing was great! Just sooo cool!! You don't get wet at all and when you are up there you can see for miles and miles. Wish I had taken my camera up with me.

    Resting up today and tomorrow so that I can get back to VO work.
  • Thanks Denedria - stay focused and believe.... you'll find the way!

    You know we all have some sort of disability, and I just love this community which focuses on developing, and nurturing our abilities... these we can use to overcome the negatives, and reach new heights (even if Darla is currently using this to paraglide safely down to earth!). Have a great weekend, everyone :-)
  • Just read on FB that Darla went parasailing in Cancun today!

    Darla, you are my hero! I've never had the nerve to try it and have always wanted to. You GO girl!!!!!
  • I've been away for a couple of days, but must say that Andy's comment was very touching for me. I, too, have a form of Muscular Dystrophy. I am not in a chair, but my physical issues are visible. "The Golden Rule" takes on so many different meanings for so many people.

    Thanks Andy for sharing that story. I will visit his blog.
  • You totally have my vote Shelley, and I even listened to a few. You are definately the voice that I'd want to listen to on my Tom Tom if I were driving around Australia. Hopefully, one day I will - I've always wanted to go there. Really nice work. Good luck!
  • Hi Everyone

    I love coming to this page... it's always so wonderful to read what is going on with everyone... and now it's my turn to share and to ask for a small favour!

    I have made it into the top ten finalists to be the voice of TomTom GPS Australia... and I need your votes to get me across the line. If you have ten seconds would you mind visiting this website http://www.bethevoice.com.au/ and if you think I'm worthy, vote for my entry... TomTomShelley.

    Voting closes 10pm Friday 29 October Australian time... which I think is 4am Pacific Friday 29 October.

    And if you've got any spare positive thoughts to send my way that would be great too... !!

    Thank you so much
    All the best
    Shelley xoxo
  • Thanks for sharing this, Andy! It's a great story we can all learn from.
  • Penny's "Food for thought" reminded me of an incident in which I discovered that although I knew the Golden Rule, I hadn't yet really learned it. This experience fast rectified that.

    When I was 19 there was a newly formed theatre group (Stripes Unlimited) who put on the debut of their first professional production at my college, called "Judas". They had graduated from their university studies from the same college the previous year (and included the founder members of the college drama company which played an important role in my early experiences of acting).

    The production was inspired in both its simplicity and depth, and I left feeling it was the best play I had ever seen. Afterwards I recall seeing our college Principal talking with a guy in a wheel chair. I knew the golden rule, and thought I lived it, but this experience showed I hadn't yet fully learned it as I wondered why such an "important man" was talking to this expressionless wheelchair bound individual. It was probably just a fleeting thought, but I can't deny I had it.

    A few days later I got a call, "Andy, we're taking Judas to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but one of the actors has dropped out. We saw you in the recent CDC production and would like you to play his parts. Come and meet us tomorrow".

    Excited I went to the rehearsal hall the next day, and felt honoured to be meeting the cast, being introduced for the first time. I was going to be part of this wonderful piece of theatre, and they were going to share their knowledge with me!

    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the occupied wheelchair, and noted the coincidence. Strange he should be here too.

    I truely learned the Golden Rule as I was introduced to Stephen Deal, the author of Judas.

    Edinburgh was a wonderful experience for me, and I shall always remember this lesson. Thanks to these guys for all they knowingly, and thankfully unknowingly, taught me.

    Stephen continues to write (http://howtobeaninspiration.blogspot.com/), and although Muscular Dystrophy has devastated his body in so many ways, I'm grateful that he didn't give up.

    Thanks to Denedria, this week, and others too who have shared their experiences of how VO has given new abilities... :-)
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  • Thanks for voting Christine and glad to hear you're on the mend. Look out CA - she's coming your way!
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