A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Turly Dougs imaging is amazing! Sounds too real. Great job Doug!
  • I cast as well and have to say yours really was the best option, Doug. The others were good, but seemed to either drag, be repetitive or just come out of the gate slow. Yours hit the ground running which is what imaging shoud do in my opinion.
  • Thanks Leslie. Appreciate the vote. Still fighting for second place but positive thinking to be #1.

    Fellow PTUers, if you take the time, please vote #3 at http://www.ryanontheradio.com/2010/08/contest-2010-theme-chase/


  • Thanks Pat. We are still a ways out of first place now (about 6%) but we are making progress - so I really appreciate your vote.

    Please vote #3 at http://www.ryanontheradio.com/2010/08/contest-2010-theme-chase/


  • Same here, Doug! Best of luck to you.
    Missed you PTU Troops. Finally back online. Our move to our new home went well. Still unloading boxes stacked in the garage ...
    Special thanks to Home Studio Consultant Dan Lenard for keeping me going in the interim and for helping me design my new studio!
  • Hi Doug, great radio imaging spot. I just voted for you. Good luck with it and I hope you win this contest!

  • From our dear Woody.

    Dearest Penny:
    With the exception of my work email I have not been able to get onto the internet for quite some time so I am not able to update anyone on my progress at PTU or on Facebook nor have I been able to keep current in anything that is happening in the VO world.

    Outside of our regular Mission we have been involved in some activity in Ecuador over the last couple of weeks. Before the Coup broke out we were able to do some positive work at a home for single mothers – fixing the buildings and roads and (my favorite) playing with the kids.

    We are now in Guatemala and involved in some rescue activities due to the severe flooding caused by constant torrential rains. I am part of a team heading out tonight to pick people stranded on their roof tops. One of our sister ships has been working the day shift and so far we have rescued about 25 families.

    We are expected to be in San Diego from 12 Oct to 14 October. If you are available and not too busy I would be thrilled to be able to see you and maybe even visit the VO Academy. If you or James or anyone else for that matter would like a tour of a war ship I would be glad to take you onboard.

    Would you please pass along my best wishes to all the members of PTU and tell Chuck and the others not to worry – I am doing fine and will be back ASAP. My hair has started to grow back but unfortunately I am not allowed to grow back my beard.


  • Thanks Kevin. It's a tight race so every vote counts. Thanks again for the postive thoughts.

    Vote #3 at http://www.ryanontheradio.com/2010/08/contest-2010-theme-chase/

    Thank you all,

  • Penny,

    Great quote! I'm saving it on my screen saver.
    Here is a great book for you to read, if you have not already:
    "Become What You Are" by Alan Watts
    The title says it all! It may be hard to find but well worth the effort of hunting it down.
  • Susan,

    Thanks for the info. From the research I've done so far, it looks like a great option. Although the M-Audio is less expensive and still pretty portable. Let me know what you think about the sound quality of your MicPort Pro as you start using it. That would be the deal maker/breaker for me.
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