A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • This from Great Day

    Naturally positive
    Taking a positive approach to life will bring many rich rewards. Yet forcing yourself to be positive is not the way to get there.

    Forcing yourself to be positive is not being positive. Fighting against negativity is not being positive.

    When you merely try to be positive, your focus is on the trying and not on any actual positive substance. The very act of trying to be positive is a clear sign that you're not.

    Instead, allow yourself to be naturally positive by experiencing, in your mind or in your world, what you truly love. Let go of the striving and let love be.

    If positive thinking is just another item on your list of things to do, it won't bring you any real value. Instead of making it a chore to be positive, just give it room and reason to easily and naturally grow within you.

    Seek less judgment and feel more joy. Be naturally positive and authentically empowered.

    -- Ralph Marston
    The Daily Motivator - Something you can love
    This is the moment you have, this is the moment you are living. To find the very best in it give your very best to it, with love leading the way.
  • What's he doing in my bedroom!?!?!? Seriously, it was great to talk to Woody today. I'm soooooooooooo glad you got to spend some time with him.

    Woody! Dude! Glad you are back and safe!
  • FUN STUFF with Woody at The VoiceActing Academy!

  • Say "Hi" for me! I hope Woody is enjoying his visit and learns for the rest of us!
  • Guess what????? I am sitting across the table from Woody! Yes, he's here in San Diego and he's spending the day with Jim and me! We're at Islands restaurant What a treat to have him with us! Are you jealous yet!
  • Well Doug, that certainly is one way to look at it (LOL)! I love this group of people. We all try to see the upside of things.
  • Hey Darla, I think you have a Masters in Marketing... think how much your audition stood out amongest the many the client likely received :-)

  • And don't forget Darla, it wasn't too many weeks ago when you weren't even confident enough to send in an audition at all, let alone to the wrong client! You've come a long way baby!
  • Hello all: somewhere, somehow I came across a website where I could practice audio books. I had opened an account but I can't find the email verify for it anywhere. Any ideas anyone? It was one of those sites where you might find a whole project or so and a lot for the blind. Send an email to my in box, please. Thanks all.

    PS: I'll recognize the name of it once I see it in print.
  • Darla - I've done that at least 3 times in the past year - clearly I am still working on my Masters - with me it's simply trying to move too fast - stuff happens :)
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