A place to share the great experiences that have happened as a direct result of Positive Thinking. Also quotes and inspiring stories to encourage others. Need a boost? This is the place to get it! All positive thinkers are welcome!
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  • Hey Doug,

    Read sounded killer, just voted for you. Hope everyone is feeling great today!

  • Belated congrats to y'all. You are working hard and it's paying off :-) All the best to everyone!
  • Tony; it didn't look like anyone commented on your micport pro/vs fasttrack. I use the fasttrack myself and have a mic port pro (which I have not tried yet) - but what convinced me to get the micport pro was every sound engineer I spoke with highly recommended it, including Jeffery Fisher who does a lot of work with Harlan Hogan, and literally wrote the book (with Harlan) on home/traveling studios. I had two other sound engineers also say micport pro was the best portable option on the market right now. Hope you find that info helpful! Best of luck!
  • OK, so I’ve been Positive Thinking with all my might, but it just wasn’t enough. So I reached out to the ultimate Positive Thinker with a most bold request. And it’s gonna’ cost me, let me tell you! I had to promise Penny a dozen roses to get her to agree, as it’s not something we would normally do on PTU. But she could sense the desperation in my voice and took pity on me.
    Here’s how I need your help with more than just Positive Thinking – I need you vote!! I’m the voice on a radio imaging contest entry. So humbly, I ask you to vote for #3 at this link: http://www.ryanontheradio.com/2010/08/contest-2010-theme-chase/
    Don’t deprive Penny of a dozen roses – do it right away :-)
    In all seriousness, please vote for the entry you think is the best. And thanks for whatever Positive Thinking you can provide.
  • Beautiful truth. Thank you Penny!
  • love that Penny - thanks for sharing - you have a great weekend as well -hugs right back at you :)

    Keep my words positive, because my words become behaviors.
    Keep my behaviors positive, because my behaviors become habits.
    Keep my habits positive, because my habits becomes my values.
    Keep my values positive, because they become my destiny.

    ~ Mahatma Gandhi


  • Thomas so good to hear your news.The Halleloooooya was for you :-)
  • Darla that is super! Congratulations!!
  • Well done Chuck. Seems I'm having problems again getting the e-mails re PTU/VU so I only just learned about your new work with audiobooks .How exciting is that! Onward and upward my friend.
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