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  • Hallelooooooya! Well done!
  • Jim,

    Thanks for the info the other day about mics and EQ. It has me rethinking my next investment on a good mike.
    I just read the reviews on the MicPort Pro. Looks like a great portable option that will not color the sound input but how would you compare it to M-Audio Fast Track?
  • James,
    My problem with the short cord was, I realize, the monitoring issue. I use an extension cord for the mic, but was finding that my earphone cord couldn't reach. Actually, the issue was resolved by rearranging the furniture in my home studio. But I have still copied your advice about the extensions and will use the info for future reference.
  • Congratulations Darla and Dunn, the jobs always come around. Cheers!
  • Thanks for the advice James. It's very helpful. I will copy your comment so that I can take it with me as I shop for those items.
  • Congratulations Darla and Chuck. Fantastic news! Darla you have been working so diligently and are so deserving. Chuck, I couldn't be happier for you. Those late night strategy sessions in the hot tub are paying off along with your unbelievable talent. Best of luck to both of you moving forward with your gigs and keep us informed of their progress.

  • RE: Darla's comment on the MicPort Pro cord being too short!

    OK, so a technical discussion is a bit off-topic for this PTU group (OK, it's WAY off topic), but Penny assures me it will be OK for me to answer Darla's question. So, here goes:

    For those who are not familiar with the MicPort Pro (MMP), it is an "in-line Analog-to-Digital USB interface" that can connect directly to the microphone with it's XLR-3 pin female mic connector. The other end of the MicPort Pro is has a mini-USB connector that is used to connect the MMP to a computer's USB port via its 6-foot USB cable. The MMP has controls for both the mic input level to the computer and headphone monitoring. It also has a button for phantom power so it can be used with any condenser mic.

    If you connect the MMP directly to the mic, then... yes... the cable can easily be too short. So here's the way around it: Instead of connecting the MMP directly to the mic, you can use a standard microphone extension cord (XLR-3 Male to XLR-3 Female) to run between the mic and the MMP. Now you can put the mic wherever you want, and the MMP can stay close to your computer - even in another room if needed! If you want to monitor with headphones from the MMP, you will also need to get a 1/4" M/F stereo headphone extension and you may need a 1/4" stereo Female to 1/8" stereo Male adaptor so you can plug your headphone extension cord into the MMP. The MMP phantom power will work just fine on any mic extension cord.

    Hope this helps. OK, Penny, no more technical stuff...promise (unless you tell me it's OK).

    James R. Alburger
  • RE: Margo's question:
    "Has anyone had any experience with the agency StudioCenter.com?"

    Studio Center has offices in several cities, so if you do sign with them, you'd be a small fish in a big sea. Unless you have a LOT of work coming in from other markets (that SC is not in), I'd strongly recommend against signing with them or ANY company that insists on an exclusive arrangement. The ONLY exclusive type of arrangement might be if you were hired to work on staff and would be paid a regular paycheck for your VO work. As far as I know, Studio Center isn't an agent, so an exclusive signing just doesn't make any sense.

    BTW: HUGE congrats to Chuck, Thomas, and Darla on landing those Audio Book gigs.

    James R. Alburger
  • Dawn - my students work their lovely behinds off, never give up and have the most positive - "can do" attitudes on the planet - I'd love to talk to you - please send it privately :)
  • Darla, congrats, congrats, congrats. I am SO happy for you. OK Vanessa. Your students are apparently blessed. I need to become one it seems. Can we talk?
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